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Circuit National Rail-Circuit map Request

Napisany przez BDragon, 15-02-2020, 23:39
Circuit National Rail-Circuit map Request

Offline BDragon

Creator: DaX

Type: Circuit




This Circuit is an "Recreation" Of National Rail circuit from NFSU1, recreating almost the same path and setting as much as possible, like the industrial zones, city and decoraion.

Enjoy :3.

If you have questions about the original circuit, here is a gameplay of the circuit (in NFSU1)

[Image: Atlantica.png]                                         [Image: Speed_2020-02-15_16-33-12-92.png]

Offline Imprezawrxsti

Oh I remember  this this race is first introduced when first meeting kurt, the race World Of Hurt. +1 Good work.
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