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One simple fix

Napisany przez briggie, 25-02-2020, 18:12
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One simple fix

Offline briggie

I have an idea for car score limit settings in Custom races. How about instead of typing in random numbers we have only choose from the selection of URL classes (250, 300, 350, 400, 450 & Unlimited). 

New players would understand through gameplay that there is a meta and that its not always best to max a car. More players would have somewhat URL ready cars since they will be forced in the meta. They would stop asking what is the best B class car, and start asking for the best 350 car. I feel that we should make some new and improved guides since this is a lot of information for new players. Maybe post some 250 builds and let them figure out the rest.

This could open up a new street racing meta because there are bumps and curbs now and you need good suspension. Cars that aren't URL viable might be kings in Street class. That car you never drive might be the best in 300 short technical tracks. Opens up a lot of fresh challenges for many talented dyno makers we have here.

This would also prevent dumb limit scores that newbs set, like 274. Everyone hates this.

I have thought about this a lot and i can't see any negative sides.

Offline Remolit

Then it'd be URL #2, -that- is the downside.

Your logic only applies on paper. For example, SGT300 will still screw over literally any other 300 build regardless of the track. 400(450) Cheetah/Infernus will still win in 400(450) races.
SA (NFSSA especially) doesn't deal with technicality or balance well. An "OP" dyno will be the go-to choice no matter what.
"New players" will realize there's a meta and simply get frustrated.

Pros of 442 (B class max excluding Beamer) vs. 450: A class misses out on 8 points of performace that's crucial for meta syndrome.
400 limit allows A class URL meta. 384 or so, does not.

No use. Will create more issues.

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