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Fourth Server Anniversary 04.03.2020

Napisany przez Rarti, 04-03-2020, 01:05
Fourth Server Anniversary 04.03.2020

Offline Rarti

Fourth Server Anniversary
Grab a cake and celebrate! It's that time of the year again.
On 4th March 2020 there will be exactly four years since server started!

During Server Annivarsry we would like to give you few bonuses:
  • since 4th to 6th (3 days, Wednesday to Friday) x2 RP, cash and bodypoint from all races
  • all diamond hunts done on 4th, 5th or 6th March will give you guaranteed jackpot with guaranteed extra reward! (current progress doesn't matter, it can be even day #1)
  • if you join server on 4th March you will receive free premium for 3 days! (you must join server at least once between 00:00 and 23:59 4th)
  • many special URL events with high rewards multiplier

At the end, whole NFS:SA Team is glad that you are still with us. Hope we will see next year as well!

I know it's not much, this post is just a filler, but there will be more in the near future. No Updates tho.

Don't forget to check out Drift Sessions 2020 event.. please.

Offline scaftz

Happy birthday NFSSA. Keep on racing bois.

Offline zDeivid

n1, i have only 2 days of prize and no guaranteed jackpot D:
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline Sanzou

nfssa is coming bacc alive again
                                                                             I THOUGHT BDSM STOOD FOR BUDDHISM!!!!!!

                                                             [Image: giphy.gif]

Offline Zepto

Happy Fourth Aniversary!!!

Offline adam11101

Here's to another 4 years.

Offline L1_TRACZ

(04-03-2020, 01:05)Rarti Wrote:
Expect new update within the next week.

I'm still waiting.

Offline MatthewChow

When update?
[Image: gcujj6m264s79wjzg.jpg]
I told you it was coming!

Offline L1_TRACZ

(04-03-2020, 01:05)Rarti Wrote: No Updates tho.

Next time don't announce things you're not sure will happen.

Offline Max59

where hunt the staff
[Image: lEiGlBB.png]
"And they touch! They touch Martin!"

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