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Update Swap Engine

Napisany przez ocvawidi, 17-03-2020, 08:07
Poll: Do you agree if NFS: SA has updated the Swap Engine for all car classes?
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4 33.33%
8 66.67%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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Update Swap Engine

Offline ocvawidi

Is it when playing NFS: SA with the same sound and performance of a car that feels boring? If so, give your opinion about the Swap Engine Update for NFS: SA if released? I hope the moderators / developers can realize our aspirations

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Offline MrPatato

we already have engine sound mods that already exist and the swapping of engines as a performance upgrade wouldnt be ideal since itd cause problems in balancing which can lead to alot of extra work so consider that.
[Image: image0.gif]Honk

Offline MatthewChow

Okay, the engine sounds don't really matter much because you can basically mod them to be whatever you want it to be. It's made like that for versatility and ease of use.
You can make ZR130 sound like a locomotive for all I care.
Engine swaps could only come as a visual model, but it's something that is not really visible ingame, and being in a low poly environment, we don't want to go too overboard with it, otherwise we break the low poly style (which is already broken with enough parts like wheels and spoilers). Moonbeam already features visual engine swaps, but who can tell if you can't open the hood? It's almost pointless in more usual and realistic scenarios.
But hey, it's in the game. Thank me later.
[Image: msuxdb8ow132lmuzg.jpg]
It's coming this update, honest!

Offline Max59

We don't need engine swaps. Useless forza feature.
You can change the sound of engine by modding it. There are few soundpacks on the forum.
There was darude sandstorm soundpack aswell. (for these who want to have a laugh)
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"And they touch! They touch Martin!"

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