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Sector Shootout

Napisany przez ZAX25, 22-03-2020, 13:46
Sector Shootout

Offline ZAX25

If the server draws ideas from various parts of NFS, I have a suggestion to add a Sector Shootout

Sector Shootout is a game type featured in NFS ProStreet.

Players race against up to an enclosed course with a set number of laps. The course is split into four sectors with each having a set number of initial points.

Entering a sector will immediately reduce the amount of points the player has with the remaining points they have upon entering a new sector being their score for the initial sector. The driver that has the highest amount of points when leaving a sector will own that sector. Another driver can capture an owned sector by beating the current owner's score.

Owning a sector will award the driver with the amount of points they acquired for that sector. Owning more sectors will award more points and the driver with the highest amount of points after all laps have been completed will be declared the winner.

The amount of points awarded to the player is dependent on their performance during a race. Sectors owned affect their total points accumulated. Owning all sectors of a course will award an additional 500 points each time it occurs.

Sample video found on YT

It is known that in the original version (NFS PS) points are added for the state of the car, but having regard to the server's capabilities, this can be omitted.
[Image: I9q7Wo2.gif]

Offline scaftz

Honestly i am kinda not into this gamemode, though it has potential. The concept is nice and interesting but the way NFS Prostreet half assedly implement it really destroyed it.

First of all, let's talk about owning sectors in more specific. You get final score for beating previous sector's score and you get your final score accumulated based on how many you scored in a sector. Previous record owner doesn't have their final score taken, it just raises the sector's requirement to get final score. By beating previous record is a rule, player that start the race 1st is in huge advantage because it's basically score harvest for them as it require 0 score to have your final score calculated. 2nd 3rd and the rest needs to score higher than 1st person otherwise they won't get any final score on their runs. That's bullshit.

If it would be implemented in NFSSA i demand a slight rule change. 1st lap will be a "qualifying lap" where everyone start their race at the same time and fight for sectors. Everyone may get their final score accumulated no matter if it beats a sector record or not.
Alternative, qualifying lap doesn't give any score so everyone fight for the head start and take the benefit of beating 0 sector records on the next lap. but that's kinda boring as if classic racing involved isn't it?

That's all from me. To be honest don't expect this gamemode would appear in at least 2 years since seems like new gamemode is not something prioritized in the development roadmap. Personally there are many things i prefer to see implemented to NFSSA than a twisty gamemode so i am not really hyping it.

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