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need help with dukes

Napisany przez Dexelot, 25-03-2020, 23:25
need help with dukes

Offline Dexelot

hello, i've been searching for dukes but i have no idea where the parts are, i am at 9/10 and i've pretty much explored whole LV twice

Offline adam11101

There are about 50 possible spots for each part for each car. Every player has 10 different spots, so its very unlikely to have someone who has their parts in the exact same spots as you have. Make sure to check every accessible place. If you can go there with your car, there might be a part hiding there (you dont need to stunt or jump with your car, so no parts on rooftops etc.). Also one of the premium benefits is that when you drive close to a part, your screen flashes white.

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