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Hello, I´´m DeathlySnake

Napisany przez DeathlySnake, 29-04-2020, 04:52
Hello, I´´m DeathlySnake

Offline DeathlySnake

    Hello guys, i just started playing in this server today . I´m DeathlySnake in the game and i'm from Mexico. My current and only car is a Primo but i´m looking foward to unlock the Sultan and Elegy. I truly loved Need For Speed World, and this server has a lot of vibes from that title, so i´m enjoying it a lot. 

Offline bk_player

Welcome bro ! Have fun on the server  Smile
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Offline adam11101

Welcome and have fun!

Offline MatthewChow

Hi, welcome! I hope you've been having fun!
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I told you it was coming!

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