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Bodykit to Uranus

Napisany przez Ragnir, 03-05-2020, 18:21
Bodykit to Uranus

Offline Ragnir

Hello everyone!

I thought if that uranus has GTR taillight, then it would be good if have it nissan gtr bodykit, spoiler, and front headlights. Cuz some cars has real car bodykit then why not? (And it would be good if have uranus challenge series, what if you complete u will got nissan gtr nismo bodykit to uranus). Thanks for reading.

Offline LeonSkript

[Image: 3scj934lyrd31.jpg]
[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

Offline San40ys

[Image: 6UuBkWIhIKA.jpg]
make livery like me :thinking:
feel i'm breakin' out of control

Offline agungrid

make silvia too

Offline Max59

Better don't do any of suggested above. Be creative smh.
[Image: Xy4G0aO.png]

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