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Idea for buggy bodykit

Napisany przez TypowyHeckie_SinisterFactory, 06-05-2020, 10:42
Idea for buggy bodykit

Offline TypowyHeckie_SinisterFactory

We all know that ride - Buggy. Probably the worst car in this server, but for some people this one is a helluva fun to drive :Smilenot talking only about myself> So, i have some ideas for it's bodykits but only if they're possible to make. I think they are because buggy still has engine on the rear. Just tell me what do you think Smile

 Baja Bug - We have already Hot Bug, okey :Smileew guyz are modding this one for a off-roader, but there's no baja bug without the engine rollcage
 [Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
[Image: 48010999962_e2724ec87a_b.jpg]

Bandito - Maybe this one will be too hard for it, i dunno, but i think it can be a good idea for it Smile
[Image: latest?cb=20190309113947]
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
Also could be nice to add the roof option with some halogens on it <sorry if i'm talking about too much things>
Like i said, just write what do you think Smile
[Image: ?imw=512&imh=288&ima=fit&impolicy=Letter...erbox=true]
"MIEJSKIE LEGENDY nigdy nie umierają, skoro ciągle o nich mowa." ~Heckie

Offline kayra999

Bandito is almost impossible for buggy but the offroad version is not a bad idea it can be a really good looking one with bashkit.

[Image: Herrscher.of.the.Void.full.2866346.gif]

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