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Add Stratum to the server

Napisany przez edo1337, 16-05-2020, 03:49
Add Stratum to the server

Offline edo1337

I think it would be a great idea, since we already have all the Wheel Arch Angels cars on the server, meaning it should be either in Class C or B. I've asked a few people on the server and they also think it's a great idea so why not at least try it out on the test server. Thanks y'all for readin!

Offline Max59

Looks like you don't know how long making one car takes..
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"And they touch! They touch Martin!"

Offline edo1337

(18-05-2020, 09:29)Max59 Wrote: Looks like you don't know how long making one car takes..

I'd guess it would take a long time to add a car to the server, but that's why it's just a suggestion, if it gets added hurray! If it doesn't, oh well better luck next time.

Offline LunaticSloth



Offline MatthewChow

[Image: attachment.php?aid=587]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=588]


I understand, but be prepared for a long wait before any car gets added.
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I told you it was coming!

Offline agungrid

I think adding the the stratum roof to the Sultan was good idea.

like moonbeam that can be converted into a burrito

Offline Rafaea512

Stratum is just a wagon elegy
Plz add old kuruma
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