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Best method to farm rp

Napisany przez RedenGem21, 15-07-2020, 15:51
Best method to farm rp

Offline RedenGem21

Hello guys i just want to ask which method race is best for farming rp and money. Or it just your favorite race/method.

Offline scaftz

Not gonna include Dailies as they are not repeatable action. Pursuits give most RP reward per hour when done right but it doesn't give as much cash. Winning URLs are the best to get RP and cash but you really need decent skills and car with its setup. By average you can get like 1200 RP and cash for being 1st place on all 3 races and it will at most took half an hour on slowest score category to complete one.

Offline MatthewChow

Personally, I like doing the daily tasks as I'm pretty average as a racer.
Even tho the daily tasks can only be done once a day, they still do take like two hours (more or less, heavily depends on you) to get all done, so, for me, personally, that's more than enough playtime.
You have:
- Diamond Hunt, it starts small, but, if you keep a streak, it's like winning an URL every day, it feels. I don't remember the values exactly, but, it's a pretty good income. 1200$, if I'm not mistaken?
- Magazines, they give you 800 RP and $ as a fixed value, streak or no streak. (+ 1 vinyl point every streak of 3)
- Money drops, there's 3 in each city and 2 in each countryside area. If you have good memory or keep a log or a map, you can find out where to find these and just collect everyday. All collected = 2550$ every day.
- Pursuit tasks, they give you prizes on completion and will unlock you Beamer after a certain number.

Also, have in mind that rewards for Quick Races are higher than for Custom races, so, if you can get a group to only play quick races, you might be able to get more RP and $ over time VS doing it with custom races, probably.
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This is also coming this update, totally! I am not useless yet, I swear!

Offline RaiUwU

Simple, play longest tracks on time trial, and spam Street-X 10 laps races.

Offline RedenGem21

Thank guys for help.

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