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The weird los antos bug.

Napisany przez KompoT, 03-09-2020, 01:01
The weird los antos bug.

Offline KompoT

  • Hey, not sure if its a bug or not but i got so annoyed by it that i just had to report it.
Not sure if its nfs:sa's fault or just the whole gta sa.
so, few months ago on my old laptop. i was recording random stunting, and i remembered Quindo spot which he did in roofies montage
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rk4Ok6CvQLE
TIME: 2:09
at the time when i arrived at the place , i noticed weird things going on (keep in mind that my pc was very laggy at the time, i saw some parts of the highway go invisible, same goes for some roofs too, at first i thought its my pc fault, later on Swierku said he had the same problem, once i again i thought it was our pc faults, it was like a few highway parts and like 1-2 roofs getting invisible, after i got new pc the issue was STILL there, and now it just got even more fucked up, by now almost half of the city is dissapearing, and not only on my pc, its happening even in races, (still not sure if its servers fault) i will send a picture where exactly its happening + some proofs

video proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PamqDcdUlBw
sometimes whole road dissapears near police and you cant see shit, what to do if you need to do stunting there and whole map looks like shit ?
if you think its my pc fault or something, get 10 testers and let them drive around los antos one of them just has to get the same issue im dealing with on 2 computers.
hope this post will help to figure out whats wrong with that place of the map  (never had any of these issues in samp, + using 3mods which load map 3x faster and further + texture render bug fixes which makes the map never bug out like this)

Offline kayra999

Oh I know this one and its not your pc's fault kompot.I dont remember but after the new garage came this begin to happen.And if you pay close attention to new garage thats basically under that exact highway when you get close to that place scripts probably try to close the garage and make it to freerun.I have no idea if I wrote trully and explained what I meant to explain

[Image: MasculineHandyAssassinbug-size_restricted.gif]

Offline Remolit

The safehouse map is absolutely not under that highway. It's most likely related to placements of other garages. Not fully sure though, since they are quite far away from the highway, and the issues aren't present in places where the garage maps should be loaded.

*this bug happens randomly, too

UPD: The bug doesn't only happen on NFSSA, happens on local servers too.

Offline darealarusham

shit happens in LS my fps goes haywire if im in west LS even if nobody is there.yes,the highway does disappear for me,even in races,and one time i lost to a newbie in west ls while driving maxed bravura because it lagged so much for me.

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