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Map Showcase-Getting Tight

Napisany przez ivke, 15-10-2020, 20:16
Map Showcase-Getting Tight

Offline ivke

Map name:Getting Tight
Location:San Fierro
Author: :Ivkeee


Offline Raven.

I see you wanted to do a different map compared to accustomed maps, but you know some of wide cars couldn't pass those narrow turns. except that thing, it's not bad I guess. Good job.

Offline ivke

You see,because i was in vanilla gtasa,it makes it look like that section is too tight.But the physics in nfssa make it easier to take that section.Also i have tested all the suv's and longer cars and they easily get past.

Offline scaftz

I have said it on discord but i can say it once again. That stairway route is just bad and a poor attempt of being unique. I know cars fits there but they just shouldn't, i would understand if it were an alleyway but either way it doesn't really look fun. Having to traverse through ridiculous obstacle in racing is not fun, it's tedious.

Offline Tekk

Reminds me of "Dark Alley" map creation process, cause both maps sharing some of the streets. Speaking of this one, can't say it's too bad. However, partly agree with the people above. The narrow turns are no good if you're gonna be driving cars like Infernus or Bullet there. The editor testing is quite different from NFS:SA, especially the car controls and speed, so you gotta keep that in mind when making the maps. I'd rather change this part.

Also, I was a bit confused @ 0:55 when I saw the police roadblock and the arrows on the sides. For a moment I thought that's the end of the map. I'd slightly change this part too, just so it would be a little bit more obvious you can drive around it. Anyways, up to you with these decisions. IMO, can be tweaked further but definitely not the worst (actually far from being the worst).

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