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[Event] Grip Sessions - Vol. 3 - Final

Napisany przez Tekk, 18-12-2020, 21:22

[Event] Grip Sessions - Vol. 3 - Final

Offline Tekk

[Image: SVeLc97.png]

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.

So, this is the final event of the Grip Sessions series. Looking back at it now, I'm happy to realize that a lot of you actually enjoyed these events and that you're still here with us. I remember myself worrying about hosting the original one, thinking that some people won't like the idea of trying something new. We'd like to thank you all for giving this series a try and offering you to join us once again on this little adventure. The final event should include most of the changes that you guys wanted us to bring and we hope that it's gonna be a good way for all of us to celebrate the end of 2020.

With that said, the preparations for the Grip Sessions Vol. 3 have officially started. Good luck and have fun!

Changes from Vol. 1 and Vol. 2:
1. The maps are gonna be available for everyone to play before the event starts.
2. Traffic-less routes. No trucks on the way or stuff like that.
3. No world-collision-related randomness. If you'll still manage to find something, you can be sure that it wasn't intended.
4. Tweaks to the tournament bracket system in order to seed players better.
5. Some changes to the rewards part.
6. No meeting place since we do the livery contest part outside of the server now. You can stay at pretty much any part of the map you want.

Tekk, Orbacle, Bunny, Klampy, Nhung.

Friday, December 25th.

Registration Deadline:
Friday, December 25th, 18:00 GMT+1

Schedule: (GMT+1)
18:30 - Competitor presence checking. All participants must be online on Discord before this time.
19:00 - First competitors starts to race.

Competitors Presense Checking:
Every participant must join the NFS:SA Event Hub and stay there up until the event is over. This is just for the communication purpose, presense checking and providing you the rewards later.

General Rules:
Keep it civil, we're all here to have fun. Rulebreakers will be violated by the angry staff members.

Just as before, the event will consist of two stages: The first one is the qualification and the second one is the 1v1 competition.

During the qualification stage, each participant will have to drive through each new track, aiming for their personal best time. For this stage, coming to the finish line first is not a priority. The 4/4 player scheme (full lobby) will be used to speed things up. The spectators mode will be enabled, so grab some of your favorite food and enjoy the show!

For the competition stage, the Top-16 players (according to the sum of the best laps on each map) are going to be picked for the 1v1 races. The tournament bracket system will be used for this stage. In these races, you will have to beat your opponent to the finish line in order to advance further.

Important: Switching cars between tracks and stages is not allowed.

Livery Contest:
Suggested themes for the current event: WRC, WTCC, IROC.

Livery contest is an optional thing that now happens outside of the server before the event starts. If you want to sign up for the contest, you gotta follow these simple steps: Take pictures of your car from each side (front, rear, left, right, roof) using the F12 key. I'd suggest taking these in the paintshop or any other garage that has proper lighting and a working zoom feature. After that, upload them to the Imgur and join the NFS:SA Event Hub to post the album link in the specific channel. Specify your in-game name right next to the link so the judges could know who you are if your Discord name is different. You can sign the pictures at any moment (e.g. 2 hours before the livery contest deadline). Be aware that you can only sign one car at a time and that the livery channel is going to have a cooldown mode enabled to prevent the unexpected flood. You are allowed to re-sign your pictures in case you'll want to do some changes to your livery or switch the car - just be sure to delete the old ones. The deadline for the livery contest is Friday, December 25th, 18:00 GMT+1. Nothing past that deadline will be accepted and the channel will be set to read-only mode.

Important: Graphical modifications usage is forbidden. To be able to win the premium code for the contest, you'll have to participate in the racing part of the event too. The car that you're gonna be using for the livery contest must be the exact same one that you're gonna be using for races.

UPD: New maps are now available through the Challenge Series system.

Class & Score Limitations:
Max Score = 325.
Classes allowed: E, D, C, Muscle.

Blacklisted Cars:
E Class: Manana, Moonbeam.
D Class: Kuruma, Vincent.
C Class: Deluxo.

1st place - 25 days premium code and a special prize - Wreckfest game.*
2nd place - 15 days premium code.
3rd place - 10 days premium code.
Best Livery - 7 days premium code.**
Everyone - $10.000 and 10 Vinyl Points for completing the Challenge Series set with the event maps.

* Provided by Bunny.

** If that person also gets to the Top-3 by the end, then the livery premium is given to the next high-rated player who hasn't got there.

Important: Winners of the Grip Sessions Vol. 2 event won't be able to participate for the rewards this time. They can, however, participate for fun if they wish.


For the sign-up, leave your in-game name in this thread and join the NFS:SA Event Hub to stay in touch with the rest of the participants and the hosts. If you have any specific questions regarding the event, contact the hosts @ Discord.


Shoutouts to: Orbacle, Nhung, Bunny, Klampy, Yokou, Quindo, Remolit and many other people who offered their help with preparing this event and shared their feedback.

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