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Server moderator recruitment: https://www.nfssa.com/forum-33.html
Recruitment is closed. 6 new moderators and 4 new SuperModerators were picked.


Napisany przez Sztefan, 16-11-2020, 01:22


Offline Remolit

Judging from your interaction with the community, you are unfit for moderator role.

Offline Nicos21

Age: 14

That describes. You can't see the line between offensive but funny jokes and direct insults and do the second. I don't say no tho, you are friendly and active.

Offline MatthewChow

14 is a tad young, but I say it in the way I don't want this to get in front of your family and school life. It's not the best age for this kind of things.
[Image: gcujj6m264s79wjzg.jpg]
I told you it was coming!

Offline Sztefan

I barely have a family/social life and school is easy, especially right now because covid

Offline Poker

Polecam tego użytkownika
Linia nie ściana, nawet ta podwójna...

Offline LeonSkript

Quick review: Too young, players had bad experiences with you, that's a no from me mate.
[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

Offline Bunny

Thank you for your application, but sadly we have to decline
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

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