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Project Builder in body shops.

Napisany przez Ghosty, 06-01-2021, 22:08
Project Builder in body shops.

Offline Ghosty

Hello to everybody reading this. I was doing a rx7 build, everything was cool untill i realised i wasted 3 bodypoints on the wrong bodykit because i didn't know i have to buy the tail light first so i can see changes in the bodykit. What i mean is, when you put lights, they could change depending on the bodykit you use, but you can't know if there  is gonan be a change if you don't spend bodypoint on either buying a bodykit or light (for example). So i came up with the idea of making a project builder in the shop. You maight ask "What is this?". Let me give an example with NFS Most Wanted 2005. There you have a "shop cart", you put everything you like on the car and when you are ready to purchase it shows the bodypoints and the money needed to buy the things. Meanwhile while choosing what you want to buy, you can see all the changes appearing on the car. If you can't get what i mean, i'll use a scheme.

Somebody: Puts bodykit > *bodykit appears* > puts tail lights * tail lights appear* >  puts spoiler * spoiler appers* > exits  >*shop cart shows up with options to buy, change or exit* *end*.

With this method in my opinion will be really easy to choose what suits your car the best.
Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

Offline adam11101

This is a good idea, but
Here are the problems:
-there is only one scripter in the team
-the ui and code are probably shared between shops, so you'd need a new part just for body shops
-its not big enough of an issue to be put before anything else

Although, it would be nice to have this.

Offline Nicos21


Offline LeonSkript

Shopping carts for bodyshops have been requested already, as Nicos said, but bumping the idea isn't bad
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