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Brand New Stuff From Other NFS Games And Other Racing Games (Bonus)

Napisany przez AkiraSuzuki, 21-01-2021, 07:53
Brand New Stuff From Other NFS Games And Other Racing Games (Bonus)

Offline AkiraSuzuki

I am Akira
I played NFS SA and observed alot and it need some more stuff for more things for more fun and content


1.) Team Escape - If you don't know team escape it is basically 2 - 4 players are in a race around the map or around the city while being chased by the cops and if someone gets busted they still can play but they failed and get less RP/Cash

2.) Pursuit Powerups - If you don't know about this it is where we can use powerups against police like Instant Cooldown,Juggernaut,Instant Evade, Reinflate Tires if you don't know about this please research . anyways we can earn them buy getting each milestone gives 2 random powerups to be fair

3.) New Canyon Race/Drift Events - If you have played NFS Carbon you know about canyon races/drift events expect for race if you have idea drift events can be played by having a long track and earning most points while avoiding to fall of the canyon and also who ever falls they lose in both modes

4.) New Customizable Menu - We need to have a menu based on our personality try to code in NFS Underground/Underground 2 Menu themes where the car position is for example the current default is NFS Most Wanted / if we can change to NFS Underground Theme the car now will go forward forever like that 

5.) New Customizable Loading Screen - Same as 4th Point expect it is for loading screen 

6.) New Songs From Carbon To Default Playlist

7.) Custom Horns

8.) More New Unique Cars

9.) New Car Class Type - Lowriders = We Can Use Lowriders for Lowrider event for dancing or to show off but it is all up to you

10.) New Modes - Speed Challenge is missing it is same as speedtrap but we are in a stright line and car damage is on

11.) Add Car Mods - Special Cards Which Grant You Something within that card - for example , a card with more 10% race bonus which will give but this can be earned only in diamond hunt rewards after day 10 . You Either Get A really good card or bad one OR you can buy them on very expensive task points

12.) Pursuit Should be a single player event rather than they spawning and we going faster each place like LS/LV/SF/Desert/Forest have 1 event each for Single Player Only 

13.) This Point is May Or Maybe but customization Of Safe Houses or different safe house depending on where we are for example in Carbon The Safe House Interior Changes On Different Safe Houses

14.) Add The Ability to restart from the checkpoint where we started Magazine Event so it will be lesser time to go there again When We Fail it

15.) Ability To Sell Our Cars To Others like auction housing or something OR the ability to buy a pre made version of the car in the car lot with being more expensive that the original

Welp that is 15 new stuff and others are just me asking for new content i hope you get the points and add them in future i am Akira
who played every single NFS Game and i made a documentry about this game and it is fun!
Akira Signing Off!

Offline Raven.

1-Team Escape is already suggested many times and seems like not possible
5-Again no
6-No need such thing
7-That's absurd
8-Don't hope new unique cars for now
10-No comment
11-Would be good
14-Would be good
[Image: 6153b647692f921e44bb35cc3a665fa2.gif]

Offline darealarusham

6 and 14 are the only ones i agree with.

edit:i also agree with 8,i really want vc banshee as a driveable car ingame

Offline KillZone

8, 9, 11, 14 and 15. Those I agree with.

Offline AbanomaliTheDemon

I only agree with 11 and 15 but i need to say about: 10 and 12. Because i just have issues with those, but let's begin with first one, who needs Speed Challenge from Prostreet when it's just a standard circuit, sprint and speedtrap races but on specific tracks and specific cars because that's how this been in ProStreet, but in NFS SA we already have those modes, like circuit, sprint and speedtrap. So that's one issue, but what about second issue: Well just why you even added this one, like to be honest there is a better way to improve Pursuits than this one, like by having, a option in Races that allows that Police would apear, like in NFS MW from 2005, while we are racing Police would detect we are racing and begin Pursuit.

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