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Circuit Cargo-Planes

Napisany przez BDragon, 24-01-2021, 01:45
Circuit Cargo-Planes

Offline BDragon

Name: Cargo-Planes

Owner: DaX

Type: Circuit

Map Showcase: https://youtu.be/Uj10lgkEgfE
[Image: mapa_qliao.png?width=412&height=573]

Offline kayra999

Really good idea and making here though
0.40 remove that guy on right
1.07 those guys are also problem
well tbh I was not waiting a map this good
[Image: rita-rossweisse-houkai-impact.gif]

Offline Raven.

interesting design and route, great job dude

Offline MisterJohnson

THe route is really on this one, and the idea is quite original aswell, but I got to criticize the amount of copy/paste objects used there, and I bellieve some of them could've been better placed or replaced...Yet it's far better than many races in the server.

Offline scaftz

Not a fan of "Make your own route over this empty space" map but this doesn't look bad. Some gripe with "roads" suddenly going narrower. Used objects could also have to be changed or adjusted, like the odd lighting of some cargos and the poor draw distance of the plane.

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