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[PC/Laptop] Performance Tips & Tricks.

Napisany przez Tekk, 22-02-2021, 23:42
[PC/Laptop] Performance Tips & Tricks.

Offline Tekk


Since because many people been struggling with getting a "stable 60" here, I felt like sharing some tips/information regarding the programs I used, to make my game to run smoothly. Not gonna promise you something huge as it's always different in cause of everyone, but there's a much bigger chance of getting your performance improved if you'll try to follow these steps. As it's definitely better than nothing. So before we start, gotta warn - your in-game visuals will turn into a total dogshit. If you're not ready for such a trade-off, skip everything and close the page. Still here and ready to continue? Alrighty then, let's get started.

1. So the first step that you're gonna do is going to help you with reducing the memory usage, as well as fixing the "Out Of Memory" problem and eliminating the freezes that tend to happen each time you encounter a new player(s). The step is called the NFS:SA Booster. Some of you have probably already heard about it. Certain people been spreading misinformation about it, saying that "it doesn't work" or that "it never did" - that's not true. It does for (at least) Windows 7 and 8.1 and there's no downsides to using it. The only real problem is that it's a bit tricky to get it work without a proper guideline, so if you're using one of the mentioned operational systems, follow these steps:

- Go to "MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources" folder and delete the "ngui-cache" folder (if it's there).
- Install the Booster and locate the path to the MTA folder.
- Launch the game and connect to the server.
- Once in the garage, tab-out and click on the "Cache Vinyls" button. Wait until it finishes the procedure.
- Tab-in, then disconnect from the server.
- Restart the Booster and MTA.
- Connect to the server again, go to Freeroam, see if your vinyls have loaded properly.

If for whatever reason booster didn't load your vinyls and it says "Loading...", quit the game, close the booster, go to the "resources" folder (step #1) and delete everything from there. After that start the booster again, launch MTA and connect to the server. Once you'll finish with downloading the server files it should be working correctly.


2. Second step is changing the in-game settings, and that means both, MTA settings and the F11. To squeeze every possible frame out of your game, switch the effects quality level to the lowest possible one, disable antialiasing and all that stuff. Select a smaller resolution and use the fullscreen mode instead of the borderless windowed one. I know that it makes the tabbing in and out to last a bit longer, but the good part is that it gives you a better framerate and reduces the input lag, since this way the game is controlled by the D3D API instead of the DWM, which forces stuff like triple buffering etc.

As for the F11, you can copy my in-game settings (F11) from here, or fiddle with it yourself:

A) Video
B) Adv. Video
C) Nametags and Crew Logos
D) Car Sounds


3. The third step is something that I believe the vast majority here is unaware about. There's a neat program called GTA SA Shrinker, that compress the texture files and with that lowers the texture quality of the world models (nfssa models/vinyls aren't affected by it). It works for the MTA as well as it does for SA-MP, and the program is pretty much a self-explanatory once you launch it. You can automatically revert the changes by just clicking one button if you won't like the end results.

Important: The gta3.img file shouldn't be modified with anything. Otherwise the program will fail to finish the procedure.

Tip: You can shrink the files multiple times. The suggested amount is 2. To do that, go to your "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas\models" folder and move the "gta3_ORIG_BAK" to some other place. (The file should be there if you shrinked the files once.) Then repeat the shrinking procedure.


4. Fourth step is the High Performance power plan option that you can enable in your operational system. This one's very easy and will require just a few clicks from you to make it work. The High Performance power plan is what I strongly suggest all the people to use, regardless of their PC's or Laptop's performance. It's a necessity for the CPU-intensive games, especially the older ones such as GTA San Andreas, which lacks the multicore/threading support. Since all the supported Windows systems (7, 8, 8.1 and 10) are very similar when it comes to power plan options, I'm gonna link you to a short video tutorial that will show you how to enable it. Note that this thing is an absolute neccesity for the laptop users.


5. Fifth step is the Debug Mode options in MTA. Just as with the Power Plan options, this step is very simple and will only require a few clicks from you to make it work. One thing about it that I'd like to specify is that the debug mode options are not getting saved once you exit the game, so you'll need to re-enable it manually each time you launch the game. The particular option we're looking for now is called "Graphics". If you'll select this option while playing, you'll notice that it disables the body paint, rims paint and the vinyls on every car. They'll all turn snow white. This may add some (up to 10) frames, and is useful in crowded areas, such as URL stadiums and races etc. Here's the picture showing you how to enable it:

Debug Mode - Graphics


TL;DR This is how my game looks right now. Not gonna pretend that the visuals like this are going to suit everyone's liking, but if you'll play with it for a day or two, you'll get used to it. The simplistic look can be beneficial sometimes, and the low res textures are matching the objects collisions quite perfectly from my experience.

Preview 1
Preview 2
Preview 3
Preview 4

Either way, I hope that this information was any useful to you, and that these steps will improve your gaming experience. Peace.

Edit: Added 4th and 5th steps with some information regarding the power plan options and the MTA debug mode.

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