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Simple Convenient Info Displays

Napisany przez MisterJohnson, 27-02-2021, 02:52
Simple Convenient Info Displays

Offline MisterJohnson

First of all...we should be able to see how many people are on the URL lobbies without actually have to enter the lobby, so you'll save everyone's time (including yours) on the way to choose which url you're joining

 On challenges menu, we should be able to see the percentage of: How many people Tried that challenge / How many people completed it, so people wouldn't feel that bad on not finishing on few attempts a challenge that only 10% of the people that tried actually managed to complete it.

Display on the player's statistics the: All time records tab
What they would be?
The all Time Tab would show the NUMBER of How many 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th all-time records that driver holds

And at last, something that I quite don't expect to appear but in my wettest dreams it would appear.
Drivers would be divided by tiers 1-5, these tiers would be displayed as stars that would appear to the right of their car score when they enter
a race lobby. To increase these tiers, it would be required certain things like, races won, total bounty, amount of maxed cars, total rp, challenges beaten, tasks completed, daily tasks completed etc.

Offline ivke

Ok so the url suggestion is a good one,challenge menu one i dont really get why you would do that,and it would probably be cbt to implent,i also like the display one,and last one just wouldn't work,because if there is a 1 star player,and they see a 5 star player enter their lobby,they would know that they will loose,so they will end up kicking the player or canceling the lobby.

Offline MisterJohnson

It's easier to kick due to the number of the car score rather than stars, usually people with 5 stars have powerful cars, but what about ppl that can't drive much well and got powerful cars, their star rating would give it away and these guys would get a fair chance by having this advantage, making the race a bit more competitive, but as I said...on my wettest dreams

Offline L1_TRACZ

Suggestions are good, probably you won't see them in-game. Just like task counters, "delete all magazines" button (that suggestion is 2 years old!) etc.

Why? Because there is no one in team to work on it.

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