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Pro Guide: How to be a master of Drifting!

Napisany przez RaiUwU, 01-04-2021, 21:25

Pro Guide: How to be a master of Drifting!

Offline RaiUwU

Here I will share with the community what I have learned on the few days I had to play messing with the drift game mode that I hadn't touched since I started playing in 2017.
My plan on this research was to find usefulness on dyno regarding drift and debunking some myths about drift. (Also because I wondered why no one who actually plays drift never made an guide on the topic yet, so I decided to do it myself.)
(Also since I can't play the game right now this thread will be missing graphical examples, if anyone wanna help provide these feel free to do it so.)(Also feel free to correct me or add something to the thread on the comments.)

So will start with the basics on the drift mode:

Scoring system - You start your drift combo when you're above 30 km/h and on atleast a angle of 30º to 50º degrees sideways, if you ever go under 30 km/h or stop having a certain angle your drift combo will stop. Your drift will also end/break if you reset your car or hit a wall.
You score more points the faster you're going, and also score more if you're close to walls, when not near the walls the score becomes Yellow(Green?)(I'm colorblind), and when near the wall it becomes Orange(?)(I'm colorblind) indicating that your score is being doubled by being near the wall. So basically that's how you iniciate a drift and start a combo, but if you want to score immense amounts of point that goes over 1 million you might want to keep reading this thread.

RWD cars are the best for drifting - You might wanna have a car that has RWD(Rear Wheel Drive), FWD and AWD cars are awfull at drifting, so have that in mind when joining drift lobbies with your bravura's, manana's and so on, you even might get kicked out of the lobby for joining with such cars.
All RWD cars can score combos in drift, but some are way better than others, if you want a drift car you might want to have in your garage one of the below:
A - Comet
B - Elegy, ZR-130
C - Monroe, Uranus
D - Cadrona
E - Futo
Vintage - Hustler(?)
Muscle - Stallion, Sabre
SUV - Buggy

So by owning one or few of these cars might boost your chances of scoring high combos in drift. But be aware that any RWD car can drift regardless, you just need to find a good setup for it, for a car to be good at drifting, it needs to be agile, have low grip/traction, and be easy to maintain scores on straights while going sideways.

Now for some advanced stuff:

3/3/3 with no tires is NOT a good setup for drift - The automatic answear since forever for NFSSA players to the question, "How to make a drift car", is just "just 3/3/3 and remove tires bro", have in mind that this is not totally true, 3/3/3 with no tires indeed does work for your car to be able to make good drifts, but it's not the optimal setup. I will explain why, your car DO NOT need much power to score points, most of the cars listed on the list above can do drift combos even on STOCK, so the saying of the 3/3/3 no tires make a drift car is a lie, a true drift car can drift on stock in the first place. So what's the optimal setup for a drift car?
Well, on your drift car you want few things: Suspension PRO, Weight Reduction PRO and Nitrous PRO.
That's the only excential parts you really need on a drift car, because it's the parts that actually change the way your car behaves on drifting.
With suspension you can basically change how your car behaves on elevations and how much friction with the ground you want on your car.
With weight reduction you can make your car more agile and easier to maneuver around corners.
And nitrous helps you maintain that combo when you think you messed up a turn and want to keep a high Km/h above 30 to keep the score combo.

EDIT: I forgot that you also might wanna have tires STREET on some cars, street tires provide agility on cars like FUTO and ZR-130, but its a matter of taste, I little bit of grip improves the driftability of some cars, so have that in mind when building your car, it also helps maintain the speed above 30 km/h.

So what about the power parts? - Basically these parts depends on taste, you will have to test yourself and see if you want more power on your car or not. Personally on my cars that I tested I only used Turbo PRO and some times Drivetrain PRO, and on very few cases (Buggy) Engine STREET, because it is so weak and it's hard to maintain it above 30 km/h, so with these parts that provides acceleration, it's easier to maintain the car above 30 km/h, other cars that don't have issues with power like comet and elegy, it is not necessary, but it still depends on taste.

Also have in mind that sometimes having too much power makes your car worse at drifting, so that's why full power setups are bad.

Usefulness of Dyno on drift cars - I said Suspension and W/R are the most important because they are the parts that changes the most how the car behaves in drift, with the short time I had to research dyno on drift I came up with a few conclusions that you might also wanna implement on your drift car:

You want your suspension to be SOFT - Soft suspension creates the most friction with the ground, and helps on maintaining high scoring combos.
You want to have a LOW suspension - Having a low suspension decreases GRIP on your car thus helping on entering a drift and maintaining scores, it also improves agility.
You probably want the steering angle always on +5 - Because you want you car to be agile when switching sides when making a corner.
And last
You probably want the center of mass of your car to be in the FRONT of the car - On aerodynamics there's only 2 settings, center of mass and downforce, you DO NOT WANT downforce, so always leave it at 0, you're making a drift car you don't need any kind of grip(appart from tires STREET sometimes). And on Center of mass you will probably want to have you setting set from 0 to +5~ that is the setting that gives the most agility to your car when changing sides, all the cars that I tested benefit of FRONT center of mass and helps then changing sides of the drift with agility, but be aware that too much center of mass makes your car lose too much speed when turning and worse at switching sides, thats why the recommendation of 0 to +5 only, but you can still test it for youself.

EDIT: Regarding Tires STREET, you might wanna have grip (+) setting instead of drift (-), as I said before a little bit of grip actually improves the driftability on few cars, you might wanna test what you feel most confortable with.
Also regarding drivetrain, you most likely will want to have it always -10(Acceleration), because it's one of the few modes where drivetrain acceleration dyno actually makes a difference, so if you choose to have drivetrain on your car, you might wanna have it set to acceleration.

So with the above in mind, for drift you want these things: A car that is Agile, a car that has no traction/grip, and a car that can maintain scoring on straights while going sideways, all the settings from above helps with that, so with this knowledge you now can make your perfect drift car, and score a lot of points.

And one last thing to master the art of drifting, you need the glorious:

GAMEPAD - As we all are already aware, gamepad is superior in most scenarios on this game, drift is not different, if you want to be a top scorer like pro players like Barney, you might wanna have a gamepad in hands. I used to be a keyboard player and recently changed my gameplay to gamepad, and one of the reasons to not touch drift it's because it was difficult to drift on gamepad for me, but I took one day of my life and sit through drift mode and learned how to drift with gamepad in one day, it was a matter of finding a good custom camera setting, everything else was natural, and soon I was scoring 1 million points per lap with gamepad. Gamepad is also superior because it's less painful to drift on it than on keyboard, drifting on keyboard for long periods of time hurts a lot, gamepad is more confortable, and since drift races tends to take a lot of time (it can take up to 30 minutes or more on some maps with 10 laps), you might wanna switch to gamepad because of that.

So that's all the information I could gather with the time I had, if I remember something later I will update this thread, and sorry for the formatting, I will also update that eventually, I hope I can help people get into drifting with this guide, I also hope players that actually drift help adding information on this thread. Peace! And enjoy good drift races!

Offline LeonSkript

(01-04-2021, 21:25)RaiUwU Wrote: FWD and AWD cars are awfull at drifting.
*laughs in previon*
[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

Offline RaiUwU

(02-04-2021, 16:35)LeonSkript Wrote:
(01-04-2021, 21:25)RaiUwU Wrote: FWD and AWD cars are awfull at drifting.
*laughs in previon*

Compared to any rwd Previon is still awful. But as I stated, it's not like fwd or awd can't score combos, it's just that they are not good at it.

Offline Aroszparo

sultan is op in drifts

Offline RaiUwU

(02-04-2021, 22:54)Aroszparo Wrote: sultan is op in drifts

Didn't had time to test sultan, but I'm pretty sure it has too much grip to score with efficiency, might be wrong and it might be decent, but the majority of AWD has too much grip to maintain long slides while scoring the most points possible.

Away qrur

thanks for the guide i think it will help me a lot
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Offline ivke

yes but 3/3/3 a type with stock tires is the best drift car in the game

Offline MatthewChow

What about Moonbeam?
[Image: gcujj6m264s79wjzg.jpg]
I told you it was coming!

Offline RaiUwU

(14-04-2021, 01:11)MatthewChow Wrote: What about Moonbeam?

Didn't had time to test any AWD in drift, so I'm not sure, but as I stated before any car can score combos, but RWD cars are always better for high scoring.

Offline MatthewChow

Alright, fair.
[Image: gcujj6m264s79wjzg.jpg]
I told you it was coming!

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