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Ranking every A Class car for pursuit.

Napisany przez Nabatse, 13-10-2021, 21:13
Ranking every A Class car for pursuit.

Offline Nabatse

Hey everyone, Chuun here, back with another useless thread on the forum!
At the start of 2021 i was thinking about taking a little a challenge, and test every A class car in a heat 6 pursuit for 1 hour straight. Some people may know how much i love playing pursuits, or how ridiculous i can be when it comes to pursuit runs, i think i can say i hold a bit of experience in this category to not tell total bullshit. I was trying to test them in every way possible, and noting everything during the process. 
This could be a good guide for everyone to get to know how these cars behave in pursuits, why are they good or bad, which car is worth to bring out for pursuits. Hopefully some players could find this useful. Sadly i'm not a professional, so i only can share my opinions and what i experienced during this fun little challenge, but i'll try my best to elaborate it.

For this list i didn't consider that if the particular car is good or bad for completing the daily milestones because that's irrelevant. You can complete all of the milestones every day with a maxed out Buggy as well, so it's not something that can be considered in my eyes for a list like this, therefore the order for the cars was based of how good they are for long term pursuits. I said this because i don't want to read those "maybe it's bad but it's good for completing the milestones" comments, every car is good for that.
I will arrange the cars in order from the worst to best, i tried to see all cars objectively and for this particular reason i created a spreadsheet thing for myself to analyze each car in different stats, so i can have something to base the order of. 
These stats include the following:

Speed: There isn't much to talk about this one, what matters here is the acceleration, mostly how fast the car can reach 100 km/h from 0. 
Power: How hard the car can hit the police vehicles, or how easy it can kill a cop. (since it's hard to kill the cops that chases you, this stat is mostly determined by the cops killed in roadblocks)
Toughness: How tanky and heavy the car is or how hard it is to flip it for the cops.
Mobility: Maybe this is the hardest part to understand what i mean by "mobility" here, basically how fast your car can change directions from reverse to forward (or vice versa), or should i say how fast the car can launch forward from going reverse. This is a bit different from "acceleration", i mean in pursuits there are some critical situation where you need to go forward and backward rapidly to avoid getting blocked or boxed by the 15-20 cops around you and that's where this comes in play, i hope some people understand what i'm talking about. In some games this is maybe referred to as agility or something.
Handling: How well you can stabilize your car during/after the cops' attempt to spin you out. Also, how much the car's base handling can endure going on grass/dirt/sand terrain.
Recovery: How easily you can break out of a "between a rock and a hard place" situation with the car, where resetting the car won't help it anymore (e.g. when they block you from every direction and resetting the car will cause you to be busted). It's mostly determined from the car's Speed,Toughness and Mobility stat.

I tried to find those stats that aren't really affected by different dynos, only the Speed and Handling can differ in some way depending on the drivetrain and tyre pressure, but not in a way that can really matter. 
For the Speed stat, you can't gain much more acceleration if you put -10 on every car, or at least not enough to be relevant. In the end, all of the cars were tested on 0 drivetrain for the final ratings, which worked perfectly fine, the car's general acceleration that is relevant anyway. You can't make the slowest Comet fast with -10, same goes for the fastest Locust that won't be slow even on +10 drivetrain. I mean, obviously they will be faster and slower compared to 0, but not enoughly to matter in pursuits.
For the Handling stat, i've tested out different tyre pressures as well, mostly the 3 end values. One that makes the cars slippery, one that makes them grippy, and one that is a balance between the two. I can't say exact numbers on this because the handling is different for every car as we know, but i think you get the idea. As for results, the one that was used for all cars in the final testings was the balanced tyre pressure since it was the one that performed the best, which were the ones that most people could use for regular races with ease.
I assume someone would bring this up if i don't mention, for the Power stat, i didn't consider using the Speedbreaker at all. I'm aware you can make the car heavier using the Speedbreaker (for some  "YEP Game Physics" reasons), therefore you can destroy cops easier, but i didn't use it for the testings and ratings. I thought it was cheating since i wanted to rate the raw power that the car can achieve, also, i usually don't use the Speedbreaker because i forget it even exists in about 95% of the times.

All stats will be rated from S-F for each car where S=Superior, A=Very Good, B=Good, C=Mediocore, D=Bad, E=Very Bad and F=Almost Non-Existent (in terms of pursuits).
In the end i will attach a little opinion about how the car performed overall in testings, or why i think the particular is placed there. I've already said this but i do it again: these are my opinions, maybe you are not agree with me in some way which is understandable. As i said, the ranking of the cars wasn't affected by my opinion on the cars individually.

The testing for all cars was done by the followings:
- Testing them in the 3 main cities (SF-LS-LV in this order) for at least half an hour each.
- Testing them on the Countrysides and in the Desert for at least half an hour each.
- Trying to find the best tyre pressures for the Handling stat and for some cars i tried out different Drivetrains for the Speed stat.
- Final testing, the 1 hour pursuit, killing as many cops as possible in the process and finalizing the stat ratings and my opinion on the cars.
*All of the cars were maxed out for the final testings. (except for the Turismo)*
In case if there's any doubters for if i really made the 1 hour final testing with every car: https://imgur.com/a/oPIZl4N

As a little side note: for the different areas, the cars that can be used in Cities without much problem: Turismo,Cheetah,Banshee, Locust and maybe the Comet. In the Destert and Countrysides, none of the cars were problematic except for the Comet and Turismo.

Now i think i've clarified everything we can begin the list now:
If you only care about the stats i made some simple pictures of them which you can access here: https://imgur.com/a/yjKxU7x
(I would upload them here but for some reason the insert picture doesn't work properly for me, and it's 8 pics so i can't make "attachments" for all either, since the maximum is 5.) 

#8: Comet
Speed: D
Power: B
Mobility: C
Toughness: D
Handling: F
Recovery: D
Definitely the worst car for doing heat 6 pursuit runs, its lack of Toughness combined with a bit slidy handling makes it really hard to maintain it on heat 6. The problem is not with the handling itself, it's more of the fact it can't handle too many cops ramming it at a time, it'll always spin out entirely no matter what direction they hit you from. It doesn't have much speed to begin with either, so the heat 6 cops are a bit too much for it, though it's somewhat tolarable on heat 5 but this list is not about that. Lord have mercy on if you want to do heat 6 runs with this car. If you are someone who seeks challenges this is the perfect car for you.   

#7: Counthash
Speed: C
Power: S
Mobility: C
Toughness: A
Handling: B
Recovery: F
How can this car be so low on this list with such high stats? Well, its bad Recovery what drags it really down, which comes from the car's large hitbox. Both of its shape and hitbox are very big it makes the car so vulnerable against the pile of cops that arrived after the backup. Though they have a hard time flipping it up thanks to its heavy weight, they just have to block you enough so you can't go forward or backward at all, and you are basically dead meat. Or the other situation this car can't break out of is when only one cop pushes you from behind while your car faces towards a wall, it can happen often and thank to this it's extremely frustrating and hard to use the car in cities and on narrow streets because of the large hitbox. Overall the car would be pretty good for pursuits if there wasn't this huge downside, it has magnificent Power which can be used to kill all the cops in a full 5-6 member roadblock in less than 10 sec, or 15 sec if it consists of Heavy SUVs.  

#6: Turismo
Speed: S
Power: D
Mobility: B
Toughness: F
Handling: C
Recovery: A
If it wasn't for its paper-car existence this car would be much higher on this list. It has great accelearation for pursuits (only outclassed by the Locust just by a little) provided with a good Mobility and decent Recovery thanks to its low hitbox. What makes it bad is the non-existing weight of the car. Because of this you can't be aggressive with this car at all, you have to play as defensive as possible by avoiding as much contact with the cops as possible and killing them with only pursuit breakers. For the final ratings i tested it with Street Weight Reduction and it still wasn't enough to handle the constantly ramming cops around you. Though it's a tough car to handle, it's definitely the most fun one to drive on heat 6, it's challenging and an experience filled with adrenaline at the same time, but if you can't endure the stress that may come with it, i don't recommend this car.

#5: Infernus
Speed: A
Power: B
Mobility: D
Toughness: B
Handling: ?
Recovery: C
Where should i start with this car? Maybe with the "?" Handling. This stat is unratable by my definitions for "Handling", so i had 2 choices: either redefine the Handling stat or give it a question mark, but where the problem lies here? In the car's hitbox and mainly in the way its tires are positioned. The front and rear tires are too far away from each other, making a big wide space between them. These are problems for 2 reasons, 1: The cops' pit maneuver is the car's main weakness because of the long ranged hitbox and 2:If one cop can hit the wide gap between the 2 tires and starts to push you, you are literally powerless, you can't turn, you can't go forward nor backward, you can't do anything, you just have to sit there and pray you will end up in a situation you won't get busted, which is not the case most of the time. This is only specific to the Infernus, the rest of the cars will just get spin out after they get pushed from the sides in the same way, allowing you to escape further, and i didn't want to redefine this stat for one car. By my definitions on this stat, it would be a "C". Other than this the car performs good, it's essentially a better Counthash, big body with good power and more importantly, better speed that can get you out of sticky situations more than in the case of Counthash's. Still, the Recovery can't be higher than a "C" for the reasons i told earlier. Maybe it's obvious at this point, but the bigger the car is, the less Recovery it can have. Since bigger body comes with larger hitbox, making you easier for the cops to block you and box you in. 

#4: Bullet
Speed: B
Power: B
Mobility: B
Toughness: B
Handling: B
Recovery: A
Trust me the fact the Bullet has a "B" in almost every stat is not intentional. I can't say much about this car, among all the A class cars, this one is the most balanced in every stats. It's not bad in any way, yet it doesn't excel in any category. Though it has high stats, it doesn't make it easy to use in pursuits. The Bullet is a bit unique for pursuit runs, it's not the typical "good and easy to use" or "bad and pain to use" car. I'd say it's as hard to maintain as the Comet, but unlike the Comet this car has the potential to be good. It requires much experience both in pursuits and with the car in general, but if you master it, it can be as good or maybe even better than the rest of the cars on the list. Even with the many pursuit runs behind me, i can't control the car flawlessly either, and the fact i achieved the worst Kill/Time ratio with this among all cars in the final testing really proves this.

#3: Cheetah
Speed: B
Power: C
Mobility: A
Toughness: C
Handling: S
Recovery: A
This car was the one that suprised me the most how good it is for pursuit runs. If you don't have the Locust, or you don't like the Banshee this could be the perfect car for you. Although it requires experience with the car, like how it behaves and how to handle it perfectly in pursuits. Its main weakness is it turns over easily if you turn the car too much and it can cause you to be in tough situations often. If you know how to control the car you shouldn't have much problems with it, its Handling is the best among the cars making it easy to handle the cops while they try to spin you out. Also, its great Mobility allowing you to break out even from the toughest situations.

We've reached the big guns now. The 2 cars that everyone says they are the best for pursuits. Well they aren't wrong, these are indeed the best cars in every way, but they have slight problems as well.
#2: Locust 69
Speed: S
Power: F
Mobility: S
Toughness: E
Handling: B
Recovery: S
To be honest, the Locust is my favorite car to do pursuit runs with for many reasons, but i have to admit its flaws makes the car one rank lower than the Banshee in overall usefulness, but what flaws i'm talking about?
Those who have the Locust may know that this is the glitchiest car of all with the most unpredictible behavior, and that's why it falls down from the Banshee. For those who don't know how glitchy this car is: its tires can bug thorugh walls and ground as well, it's very likely to happen and your only way to get it out is by resetting the car causing you to be busted if you notice it too late.
Though it really lacks Power, that doesn't make it any worse, this car doesn't need to destroy the cops by sheer power.  Its incredible Speed and high Mobility that makes this car really good for pursuits, there isn't a single car in the server that can go up to 100 km/h from 0 this fast. Though this acceleration comes with the cost of the Thoughness, it's really lightweight, even more than the Turismo which makes it really easy to flip it up for the cops, and slam you into the wall if they gang up on you. As some people may know, it goes under all Police Banshees with ease, but it can't stand the SUVs at all.

#1: Banshee
Speed: B
Power: S
Mobility: D
Toughness: S
Handling: S
Recovery: B
As for the Banshee, the statistically best car for pursuits, it's almost the exact opposite of the Locust. Slower but tougher. If the Locust is a race car for pursuits, the Banshee would be a literal tank for them. Its massive body has the capability to not flinch from the contact with the cops which is a big deal in pursuits. They are unlikely to flip you up most of the time, and you can kill them easily just by ramming them thanks to its tanky body. Its weakness mainly comes from the slow Mobility, which can be annoying sometimes when you need to breakthrugh the pile of cops, some people may not like it just for this reason, but overall there isn't any other problems with the car. For those who don't have much experience in pursuits this could be the best car to start with, it's very friendly for casual players.

Project duration: 2021 03.20-10.13 
[Image: 05f9f19ae6704e9377f7abb13ee9e055.gif]


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Cool thanks for your work
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