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My suggestions

Napisany przez Szumixx, 17-04-2022, 14:01
My suggestions

Offline Szumixx

Hello I have here some of your suggestions for the server!

1. I would like to see a gap between other drivers (sample photo).
2. Another very useful thing would be to add the ability to change the color of nitro, smoke from the tires and add the ability to change the horn.
3. It always annoyed me that I couldn't check the progress of my milestone or daily task, I think that should change.
4. Adding the ability to add inscriptions of known companies to tires.
5. Jumps, speed zones, speed cameras, drift zones known from nfs games would also be useful, you will be able to compete with other players.
6. I think that an interesting variety will be the addition of the health bar of our car in pursuits, the car will be able to be repaired at the gas station.
7. There should be milestones for unlocking each subsequent class.
8. Add this music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENBbZyK51iY

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