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Suggestion - vinyl system

Napisany przez TheSultanAkbar, 01-09-2022, 09:54
Suggestion - vinyl system

Offline TheSultanAkbar

Right now, there is a hard limit for any kind of vinyls a player may add to a vehicle. 

Now, I'm not sure, but there may be a technical limitation to this.

The way I've been thinking it should work is that the vinyls be separated into two categories: basic vinyls and graphics.

"Basic" vinyls include shapes and simple body vinyls. The player may apply a theoretically infinite ammount of these (or at least a high cap). To compensate, basic vinyls would offer little star rating*, as their purpouse is for the player to create designs of their own with a selection of geometrical shapes, letters, numbers,... with gradients and without,...
Plus, the player could modify these extensively even by skewing them, which is not possible right now (limitation?)

Graphics would work just like they do now, special designs that boost star rating* significantly. The player may apply a limited ammount of these, and they would be unlocked by recieving vinyl points through special events.

*The star rating mechanic is an unnecessary carryover from Underground anyway and I wouldn't mind if it was removed entirely.

Instead of taking those annoying covers that just sit in your dumpster how about making those events "open world time trials" (Midnight Club style) and just having a photo mode the player can use anywhere, the covers page would be a photo album.

Offline KacPower

I don't like any of these ideas to be honest. Some players after a while on the server can't see vinyl tuning on other cars cause of lack of memory. Your idea would only increase this anomaly. Obviously it would be nice to add more vinyls but it would be at the expense of something. About magazine cover i think it works fine. Over 3 stars rating is the matter to get a vinyl otherwise you only get 800$ and RP. Btw there is possibility to go to another location to make a photo so.. also don't see your point.

Offline Iris Heart

the only thing vinyls need is just delete anime. cartoons and mlp, and more simple, and opportunity to mirror them
[Image: 8E992593FB515153AF7A0DA13993EA4407D7D340]

Offline TheSultanAkbar

Ok, fair enough. Maybe something for the future...

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