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[General Thread] Police Pursuits

Napisany przez bartekPL, 23-09-2016, 23:49

[General Thread] Police Pursuits

Offline bartekPL


We're glad to inform you about next huge thing on server we started working on - police pursuits!
As you know, server is based mostly on NFS UG1-Carbon series so expect that we want to make pursits as much simillar as you know from these games so with wanting levels, roadblocks, SUVs and of course pursuits breakers!


Some of you may now think that pursits will be a big multiplayer arena. Unfortunelly not, there won't possible to play as cop, only as a "thief". The reason is simple - let's take 10 cops and 1 thief for a single arena and everyone would like to be a thief, not a cop. What then? In most cases you would be forced to play as cop. Also pursuit breakers wouldn't make sense then because players as cops would be smart enough to avoid them without any problems.
So here comes special police AI for a singleplayer mode.
Singleplayer? What about few thiefs on a single arena and a lot of cops? This also cannot be done due to serious performance and synchronization issues.

Police AI

Here you have preview of first AI version we prepared.

Everything is still in early state. Still have to do about AI:
  • Roadblocks
  • SUVs
  • Improvements

Pursuit breakers

They are not very started yet but here you can see our concepts of them:

Suggestions and opinions are welcomed Smile

Offline MrBloody

Omg! nice!
[Image: wRcCnMs.gif]
[Image: faPWwbq.gif]

Offline Mikrus.

Great idea. Is this Pursuits gonna be payed when u gonna loose the cops?

Offline BlindDen

I am very sad and I like to insult people.

Away Hexagon

with people will be mush better

Offline ZAX25

Quoting some politician: YES, YES, YES!!! :V
[Image: I9q7Wo2.gif]

Offline xEnjoY

Yeah ! Emm we take payed when we lose them ?

[Image: 3T3WrTf.png]


Offline pirato

Amazing! We want this in game!

Offline Mickey

Great Idea ! Maybe stars like NFS MW '05 ? Cop Radio ? 'Busted' animation like NFS Carbon ? It's a lot ,but it can be awesome Big Grin
[Image: B2GB8S.jpg]

Offline Luki

Yes Yes Yes Big Grin

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