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Police Pursuits

Napisany przez bartekPL, 01-12-2016, 18:33

Police Pursuits

Offline Venom

(02-12-2016, 02:39)[SiK]SuperNova Wrote: Little details but nothing wrong :

On Heat level 3 : it's supposed to be Light Rhino (Police SUV) than the heavy Rhino that you reach at Heat level 4 .
And road block available at Heat level 2 and not 1

Still awesome content , i'm ready to see it and being more active Big Grin

We did not intend to copy paste the whole police system from MW. Our own ideas blend with the MW style.
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Offline KosiarkaGaming

Pewnie dopiero na gwiazdkę wyjdzie update Tongue

Offline Tailor93

Can we expect update this week?

Offline bartekPL

(05-12-2016, 10:30)Tailor93 Wrote: Can we expect update this week?

I think so.

Offline XtrangeHD

(02-12-2016, 10:22)bartekPL Wrote: It's well optimized but we will see.
About roadblocks on heat level 1 - they are very rarely.

Okay thanks for information Wink
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Offline nikardpl

Should we expect it to be released in this weekend? Big Grin

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Offline Venom

Bump, release info has been released.
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Offline Hexagon

what happend if player in duel? police chase won't start?


Offline JanuszProsie

I Love You Bartek, thanks for pursuits for NFS MW 2005
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Offline ZAX25

(13-12-2016, 12:50)Hexagon Wrote: what happend if player in duel? police chase won't start?

or magazines?
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