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Let's talk about top times.

Napisany przez Quindo, 02-12-2016, 00:49
Poll: What would be the best solution to the issue?
This poll is closed.
Leave it as it is.
0 0%
Leave it as it is, but include small weekly rewards.
2 6.90%
Proposed solution, top of all times with weekly/monthly top times rewards.
24 82.76%
Bring back the old system. (probably won't happen)
3 10.34%
Total 29 vote(s) 100%
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Let's talk about top times.

Offline Quindo

The issue.
As probably everyone know we changed the top times system a few weeks ago, since then a lot of people complained about it being a bad change. I have to agree, the update was supposed to make the game more competitive, but instead it resulted in top times being meaningless. Because of that we are reaching to the server community to see what changes you all would like to see there. Please bear in mind that it's not gonna be a quick change, but we don't want to make it worse than it is by not discussing it with players.

Possible solution.
After discussing it with few players that are part of the community for a long time, most of them agree that the best possible solution would be to introduce back top-of-all-time leaderboard in-game as main top-times view, with additional tab to see weekly/monthly top times. Alongside that there should be introduced small rewards for weekly/monthly top times, something like 50$ per top time, with a limit of about 2/8k per week/month. It would make racing even more competitive without the possibility of grinding a lot of less played maps to get rich quickly. The top-times would of course need to be grouped by car classes, so new players would be able to get something from it too. 

Why not just change it to how it was?
The current weekly top times system required a lot of changes to the database, and also a lot of work on making it work properly, we should make use of it. The system is already there, it will need to be modified to make it work with what was said above (If players want that to happen), but it's easier than just scrapping it all and going back. The current system was supposed to include rewards from the beginning, but it was never finished, I think we should revisit that, because well, it's competitive racing server, players should be rewarded for being better than others.

Those titles are forming a pretty neat pyramid, aren't they?
I would like everyone to share they opinions about the issue in the comments, I will try to moderate the comments as not to allow any random drama, please leave just constructive comments if you can. I'm including a poll with few possible solutions to the issue, please vote and post remarks.

Post fully sponsored by Quindo
pls no "no updates" hate

Offline KomuH

Everything was said. Great idea but I'll increase prizes for each record. 50$ is quite small reward. You know, player needs 40 records to earn 2000$. Anyway, I want to see it in-game.
[Image: 230cwBj.png]


Offline Quindo

I agree that 50$ may be a bit too small amount for top time, we could pay a bit more for that, but still leave 2000-2500 limit per week.
[Image: Sj14yZE.gif]

Offline Slugler

Very good idea Big Grin maybe 57$ per top time?
[Image: DRxVnk.gif]

Offline Quindo

We have ~235 maps on server right now, if we break that into classes we are left with around 1600 possible top times, suddenly 40 top times doesn't sound that bad :v
[Image: Sj14yZE.gif]

Offline whiteseed

100$ per top time seems to be better.

Offline Aroszparo

I would like to restore the old system toptimes, and if there is a possibility to reward the best players in the form rp or cash.
sory for bed inglisz

Offline Quindo

bartek pls
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Away Hexagon

bartek pls

Offline Helomyname

bartek pls

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