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Merry Christmas!

Napisany przez bartekPL, 24-12-2016, 13:24
Merry Christmas!

Offline bartekPL

Festive Surprise (24.12.16 - 30.12.16)

We are glad to announce that Christmas Event is up! All of you are probably busy with your housework and preparations for christmas, and so do we. That is why we decided to give you 1.5x bonuses during that time. But that is not everything we have prepared for you! Get into your limited Kuruma and set new toptimes in brand new SpeedTrap racemode.
The person who accumulates the highest top speed in full race has a chance to unlock brand new vinyls, Christmas Speedometer and special Candy Spinner available only during christmas. Kuruma and SpeedTrap mode will be casually available after the event ends.

[Image: Em4N4Il.png]

We would like to wish you all merry christmas, so you can spend your time peacefully with your family and friends. We wish you the best gifts under your trees and the best moments spent on our server.


Offline blizardblack

Merry Christmas!
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Offline Hexagon

Merry Christmas. Good update nfssa team


Offline bkplayer

Merry Christmas

Offline HaskeZ

Merry Christmas and happy new year Big Grin
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Offline Małgo

mary kristmas michał

Offline XtrangeHD

Merry Christmas Guys
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                   Initial D is LOVE Initial D is LIVE

Offline Crysios

Merry Christmas All ;D
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Offline kubatrix

Merry Christmas  Smile Smile

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Offline Tross

Merry Christmas Smile

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