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Vinyls - now and you can help!

Napisany przez bartekPL, 20-08-2015, 13:05
Vinyls - now and you can help!

Offline bartekPL

As you know, we have new vinyl system, where you can append few vinyls onto your car body and adjustable each of them (change size, move, change color etc).

[Image: wpu0PT9.png]

But to make this system practical, we need a lot of different vinyls separated into categories like unique vinyls, hood vinyls, body vinyls, side vinyls (and sub-categories for side vinyls e.g. stripes, tribal, flames etc).
Because NFSSA team can't make them all, it is time where you can help and improve our server by creating vinyls images and send them to us!
Of course, who will help us and send vinyls, he'll get some extra bonuses on server (more vinyls = more bonuses) Smile

How to send vinyls and how they should looks like?

For more info go to this thread .
Hope you'll help us, we need a lot of vinyls for start Wink

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