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Read this first!

Napisany przez bartekPL, 19-01-2016, 22:17

Read this first!

Offline bartekPL

Uploading new maps:
  • Your thread name must contains map name and map type
  • Additional info, screenshots, video are welcomed
  • I don't prefer to give download link in thread for public if you are worried. You can send it to me via PM
Every additional questions etc. about making maps please write under this thread!

Because you started to upload more and more maps for server I made special section for it.
But anyway, we're planning to make special page for uploading maps in future, but don't expect it'll be soon... or even never.

We mostly need sprint and circuit maps.
We don't really need drags from players, because they have some strict requirements and high precision is needed. Also must be proper road, as little turns as possible, not too long and not too short. If someone is sure he's able to to make this map and it'll be good enough, then ok but don't expect miracles. (As some of you saw, because of road requirements we have atm one special area for drags out of SA map - West Station)

If you have never used Map Editor, or you didn't play on NFSSA server yet, you don't how maps should looks like better leave it.

Maps must be closed tracks, barriers should be wherever it is possible. If there're places where normal barriers aren't good (like desert, no buildings) you have to put invisible walls.
For invisible walls you can use any object but you have to set alpha or scale to 0 in properties to make it invisible. I suggest to use for it airport object with ID 8171 because then you don't have to make it invisible (NFSSA script makes objects with tihs id automatically invisible while loading map).

For walls made of arrows, you can use this (arrow id is 3919):

(07-01-2016, 16:56)Venom Wrote: Here's link for arrows object and a placement helper: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3bcz9h...s+pack.zip

Offline AleksCore

1. Client-side scripts allowed? (Some action-scripts, effects etc.)
2. Admins will paint radar themselves using special tool for admins, right?

Offline bartekPL

(21-03-2016, 07:22)AleksCore Wrote: 1. Client-side scripts allowed? (Some action-scripts, effects etc.)
2. Admins will paint radar themselves using special tool for admins, right?

1. No. It's not supported.
2. Yes.

Offline Sidios

What about custom maps(made not by me), eg. i found cool map and i think it would be nice to drive it in-game, can i post the link? or rather you want to avoid stuff like that?

Offline AleksCore

Scripts not supported yet, so.. it means that remove world object also won't work?

Offline Tomi

(26-03-2016, 00:39)AleksCore Wrote: Scripts not supported yet, so..  it means that remove world object also won't work?

It will work some maps have removed objects because remove world object is an in-game script

Offline bartekPL

Removing objects works.

Offline Keav Dev

where you have a copy? to which folder?

Offline Helomyname

I would also like to know where it goes and how to make it show up in the editor.

EDIT: The arrows, that is. I would like to use the arrows in the editor.

EDIT 2: The arrows work, but only after pressing F5 to start the test. How do i make the arrows show up in the editor itself so I can place them correctly?

EDIT 3: Got it figured out! Extract the contents of the arrows pack.zip file to \server\mods\deathmatch\resources\[YOUR MAP NAME], then in order for the objects to show up during the editor type into chat "start [YOUR MAPE NAME]" and voila, should work.

Offline diondwitama24

How to install arrow pack ?
[Image: a5a3688e96a2d135ad4ca4e85a43b909.gif]
[Image: 8DB5D7587B48768D7B8D27F4B0B71FEC3EC7B26D]

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