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>> NFS:SA Booster <<
New developers wanted!
We are recruiting scripter and 3D modeler!

More info here: https://www.nfssa.com/thread-10798.html

Forum upgrade; Discord server

Napisany przez bartekPL, 17-01-2017, 02:38
Forum upgrade; Discord server

Offline bartekPL

During night 16-17.01.2017 forum has been upgraded to the latest version of MyBB.

We also want to inform you about official NFS:SA Discord server which you can see inside server board instead of old Mumble server.
Have fun!

Offline Hexagon

Cool! Our discord server!


Offline Mickey

Finally Big Grin
[Image: B2GB8S.jpg]

Offline Snake[PL]

Funny things... When I write about discord u told me it's useless, we got mumble...
but good to See this news Wink
[Image: PZgunIv.png][Image: GmPEVDL.png]
choose side and cl!ck

Offline Cooper

Why don't you guys go for TS3?

Offline Snake[PL]

Discord is free, on TS3 you need to have server.
[Image: PZgunIv.png][Image: GmPEVDL.png]
choose side and cl!ck

Offline Spotlight

We wanted to host our own TS3 server but we didn't meet the requirements that they put on us.

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