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New Parts Showcase + Bodykit suggestions

Napisany przez Helomyname, 13-03-2017, 23:02

New Parts Showcase + Bodykit suggestions

Offline Helomyname

This is the new Parts showcase thread. If you want to suggest a new widebody, make sure your image is fitted within a SPOILER. A post that is not within a SPOILER will be edited/removed.

Parts Showcase:
Front Bumpers: Rear Bumpers: Sideskirts: Hoods: Rollcage: Roof: Spoilers: Widebody Kits:
E Class: D Class: A Class: Action Shots (WARNING - MASSIVE IMAGES INSIDE):

That's it for now folks, more to come! Remember, if you wanna suggest something, post the image inside of a Spoiler Smile
And remember, i'm just a beginner modeler trying to help the server move forward. Thanks!

Offline Quindo

Reserved advertisement space
[Image: Sj14yZE.gif]

Offline E1manTas

Nice one. Can't wait too see them in-game. This will make tuning even more enjoyable.
[Image: xluOOu3.png]
[Image: x2F5lCh.png]

Away Hexagon

Very nice

Offline LisiastyLis

[Image: 845_Ricer_nation.jpg]

Nice new bodykits tho
[Image: EhBU2S8.jpg]

Offline MechaNoxia

Really hype for all those parts, it would give a lot more recent styled body possibilities on the server, and that's what i'm waiting since i really like JDM/Time Attack cultures

Keep on the work Big Grin
We are running in the 90's!
[Image: 1471013118-tumblr-nzbdlhb7fa1qj5jqso1-500.gif]



Offline Milox117


Jester wide

[Image: 512045.jpg]

[Image: 512011.jpg]

[Image: p95975_large%2Btop_secret_gt_300_toyota_...r_side.jpg]

Offline Oskiinus

(14-03-2017, 03:22)Milox117 Wrote:

Jester wide

[Image: 512045.jpg]

[Image: 512011.jpg]

[Image: p95975_large%2Btop_secret_gt_300_toyota_...r_side.jpg]

My brony friend is that you? xD

Vincent widebody:
[Image: 3.jpg]
[Image: 56620355f80f0a963519841b.jpg]

Ducktail spoiler for Comet
[Image: porsche-carrera-rs-2.7-15.jpg]
[Image: H6zD1w6.png]
[Image: qHuOc0y.png]
(06-10-2016, 20:36)Venom Wrote: zkurvená zajebaná dojebaná vyjebaná pojebaná mrdka

Offline Mickey

Rice rice baby XD Good job guys :')
[Image: B2GB8S.jpg]

Offline Adrian099

Futo, intruder and primo WTF is this bodykit?????????

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