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Vintage Update 27.03.2016

Napisany przez bartekPL, 27-03-2016, 22:28

Vintage Update 27.03.2016

Offline bartekPL

Vintage Update 27.03.2016

New Vintage Class with 3 classic cars available at low level!
  • Hermes - 8.000 RP
  • Broadway - 10.000 RP
  • Hustler - 12.000 RP
These cars are classic cars and have different tuning than other cars. Their classification is between E and D classes.

[Image: AeIqVNW.png]

More Vinyl Layers
  • TaskPoint Card gives you now 2 extra layers instead of 1
  • Premium account gives you 6 extra layers instead of 4
New Maps
  • [Circuit] East Los Santos
  • [Circuit] East Los Santos [R]
  • [Circuit] Police Escape
  • [Circuit] Police Escape [R]
  • [Circuit] Tunnel Trip
  • [Circuit] Tunnel Trip [R]
  • [Circuit] Windy Windy
  • [Circuit] Windy Windy [R]
  • [Sprint] Doherty
  • [Sprint] Doherty [R]
  • [Sprint] Escape from San Andreas
  • [Sprint] The Farm
  • [Sprint] The Farm [R]
New fixes on following maps:
  • [Circuit] Los Santos Centre
  • [Circuit] Fort Carson
  • [Circuit] Fort Carson [R]
  • [Sprint] Bus Station
  • [Sprint] Dockside Rush
  • [Sprint] Dockside Rush [R]
  • [Sprint] Montgomery
  • [Sprint] Montgomery [R]

Offline SheelbyPL

wowowww epic!

Offline Qbiszon

Nice. I recommend map East Los Santos Big Grin

Offline iamsadness

Love it! <3

Offline Oskiinus

Great! Let's test them, if price tags aren't too ridiculous, I thought about making a hot rod from Hustler Big Grin
[Image: H6zD1w6.png]
[Image: qHuOc0y.png]
(06-10-2016, 20:36)Venom Wrote: zkurvená zajebaná dojebaná vyjebaná pojebaná mrdka

Offline Cnosi

Awesome! Smile

Offline war-sloop

Gorgeous Big Grin
Keep up the good work nfs : sa team !

Offline Patjx

Epic cars! I am waiting for muscle cars. Wink

Offline Diuheato

Super! Smile
while(!success()) try();

Offline Tomi

Hustler's suspension is made out of sponges, but I sitll love this car

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