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[General Thread] Web User Panel

Napisany przez bartekPL, 03-04-2016, 00:38

[General Thread] Web User Panel

Offline bartekPL

This is general thread about Web User Panel available here: http://www.nfssa.com/userpanel.php
If you found bug or problem with userpanel please report it here to avoid spam with many threads.

Offline Tomi

I'm not in HTML, but for me it seems like your servers aren't working

// Better hide this error. Server is disabled for a moment. Wait a minute. // bartekPL

Offline Spotlight

Wait until server restarts.

Offline Kostik

Приветствую) Как подтвердить аккаун на форуме для журнала??
http://magazines.nfssa.com/driver/249666 - прямая ссылка из игры

Offline Akamataa

Its so hard to use google translate? c'mon "Greetings How do I confirm the account on the forum for the magazine ??"

Go to "User Panel" and klick Synchronization ...
Перейдите на панель пользователя и нажмите «Синхронизация».
[Image: kiritoblockingbullets_by_setonami-d7xcxvq.gif]

Offline whiteseed

There is a bug when searching statistics or garage and there is more than one similar results, you can't check the first name on the list.

Offline Seifounage

i cannot login to ucp with my ingame details even though i made sure they are correct, it says Synchronisation failed.
Wrong username or password.

Offline gabrielkim

mano a minha conta do jogo nao quer sicronizar no site eu fico tenta coloca entrar so qui nao acontece nada

Offline Walteros

No puedo sincronizar mi cuenta con la web, cada vez que puse el usuario y la contraseña, no inicie sesión ni nada, ayuda

Offline Santanna77

Não consigo sincronizar mesmo com os dados tudo certo

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