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Update 27-28.05.2017

Napisany przez bartekPL, 27-05-2017, 00:21

Update 27-28.05.2017

Offline bartekPL

Server Update 27-28.05.2017
Server will be closed at 23:00 server time (UTC +1) for at least one hour due to required maintentance.

At the begin we want to inform that our modeler, Balcer, has been replaced by Arunn and we want to welcome new NFSSA Team member - KomuH, who will be now responsible for car handlings and balance!
Also, Quindo has become our second scripter and this update has been prepared with good cooperation!

[Image: tRTnjGf.jpg]

Main Changes

Most of gamemode has been rewriten to new, clean, OOP-based and optimized code which will facialize a lot future updates and improvements.
Duel system has been totally rewritten with new one, bugless system! Also, now during duel there is disabled collision between opponents and other players in freerun mode.

Because of some changes in file structure, this update weights more than usually (estimated download size is 150 MB)

Better Optimization
  • Car tuning streaming has been replaced with own system. Loading many cars will still slow down a bit your PC but spikes and freezes shouldn't exist
  • Added option in video settings to set vinyls quality. It is very good facility for players with weaker PC or with low amount of VRAM
  • Added option to use static cars on maps, what will fix issue with very low FPS on some specific maps (you have to enable it in settings)
  • Added option in video settings to set vehicle LOD distance
[Image: OlLiJa2s.jpg]  [Image: krpFg5rs.jpg]   [Image: fmoRLShs.png]
New Ranking System

Till now ranking system was based on weeks. Now it's again totally changed. Now we have two main rankings:
  • Current Week
  • Top of All Time
Each of them is separated into each car class, so now will be different toptimes for each class like B,C or Vintage.
Toptimes of current week still we be reseted every weekend, but now there will be rewards for having toptimes of the week!
How it works? You can have up to 7 toptimes on each map (because of 7 car classes). To get reward you must hold at least 2 toptimes at the end of week. More toptimes means higher reward, but limit is up to 50 toptimes - more toptimes won't count so give chance to others.

How to calculate your reward:

Quote:x - amount of toptimes (from 2 to 50)
money = x * 150
rp = x * 50
bodypoints = 1 if x = 20+ and 2 if x = 50
vinylpoints = 1 if x = 30+ and 2 if x = 50

  • Ranking panel on forum will be updated too during server update
  • Also added new MapInfo with detailed stats at the begin of race
  • No stats will be reseted. Current ranking will be converted to new one

Tuning Update Part II
  • D class received full new tuning and secondary bodykits
  • B class received roof options, sidewindows option and new spoilers from tuning update. New bumpers, hoods and secondary bodykits still have to wait.
  • New body tuning part - sidewindows. For now available only for E,D,B and A class
  • 1 new 5zigen rims
  • 1 new BBS rims
  • 1 new Konig rims
  • New rims brand - WORK (4 new rims, 1 taskpoint is requried to unlock it)

New Car - Buffalo

[Image: zoEblHs.jpg]
[Image: c7sqJ7Zs.jpg]   [Image: UYlrCtMs.jpg]

Yes! First muscle car finally available on server! Buffalo belongs to B class and have full new tuning.

Police System
  • Fixed and blocked glitched areas
  • Disallowed speedbreaker while beginning animation
  • During pursuit player has now lamp breaker known from races
  • Improved police AI pathfinding
  • More stable AI driving
  • Changed speeds of busted and evaded bars
  • Now you can rebind speedbreaker in settings
  • Now SUVs will run away after finished job (only at level 3 and 4, at 5 and 6 they will still stay)
  • "PIT" tactic (since level 2)
  • "Group blocking" tactic (simple blocking at level 1 and 2, more advanced at 3+)
  • "Lamp breaker" tactic (for cops, since level 4)
  • Problem with alone peds and destroyed police cars should be eliminated
  • You can now mute special pursuit soundtrack by using F4
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Vinyls Update
  • 27 new vinyl items to unlock (including 2 new "gold" vinyls)
  • Added some new vinyls to already unlocked categories like Flames, Tears, Modern, Manufacturer and Shapes
  • New vinyl category - camouflage
  • Changed "Most Wanted M3" vinyl set to be "gold" for new players
  • Text vinyls from Police set are now colorable
  • Enabled search bar in vinyls menu
  • Added button to remove all vinyls
  • Added button to clone vinyl layer

Freerun Money

[Image: 2xZGZ3E.jpg]

Now each day you can collect money in freerun mode. Every day in each city and countryside some amount of money is spawned for each player separately. First collected money give you $100 and every next is higher by $10. It resets everyday.

Other Changes

[Image: GjrgVL9.png]
[Image: w9QxnGRs.jpg]   [Image: tvtlnnEs.png]
  • Improved "Car Performance Testing" and problem with 3-gears bug has been fixed
  • Time calculation for Time-Trials is now based on whole ranking, so you no more have to drive specific map at least once and you will always get fair time for your car
  • Added information about left time for next Time-Trial
  • Now when first player finishes Speedtrap, others lose 3 kmh per second until they finish too
  • Improved look of race stats window at the end of race
  • You can now turn off lights in freerun mode by holding RMB and clicking on car light
  • Improved nitro effect (can be turned off in video settings) which is now synced with other players
  • You can now move and hide race HUD elements in settings
  • Added animated download screen while entering game (due to MTA download system, it will appear after first 10 MB)
  • You can now change and customize radar theme in settings
  • Fixed infinite falling after using shift+x in some places
  • Fixed headlights not being turned on after pursuit
  • Online crew members are now visible above "Players" TAB
  • Added option to change crew color
  • Added car sorting in garage
  • Added option to choose car color while buying it in Car Lot
  • Added option to rotate car in garage by holding both mouse buttons
  • Added option to zoom out and zoom in camera in garage by pressing "num +" and "num -"
  • Now after 2 kicks from lobby you can't join this same race anymore
  • Now you can't join and leave quick races too often - auto lockout 60s
  • Lamp breaker object is now automatically hidden at very low speeds
  • Minor fixes and improvements
[Image: 3RrFQHO.jpg]

Have Fun!

Offline kreb


Offline EloRamzes

Buffalo- nice
Ranking system- nice
All in this update-nice

Offline Kuchsee

buffalo. oh shit.

Offline Rarti


[Image: Rarti.gif]

Offline blizardblack

Makes you wanna play :d
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Offline YoWorstNightmare

time to buy premium again to fucking get that buffallo.. fml xd
[Image: ImYoNightmare.gif]

Offline Tarento

Good job guys

Offline deadboy

Great job and thanks to everyone who contributed.
Congratulations KomuH and Arunn, you will definitely do a great job

I love everything in this update and I've waited long enough :d
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