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Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Napisany przez MatthewChow, 11-06-2017, 00:13

Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Offline MatthewChow

Gonna make a little gallery with the stuff I make in Blender. I already made a few car parts, and I've been getting more used to Blender with time.
I still don't know how to do the normals and texturing part, but I'm hoping to figure it out with experience. I find modeling cars pretty fun.
Did you like this new bodykit for the Fortune that came with Tuning Update Part 2? I made that one. Helomyname edited it and put it in the server.
No, this doesn't mean the stuff I make ends up in the game, I've been repeating this part to be crystal clear. What ends up in the server is 100% their decision, but, I'm still giving out these for the developers to use freely at any moment, if it saves them time or whatnot.
... I know most people don't like walls of text, so I'll move on with it and skip to the cars.


Exhaust Tips:
  • [Image: blender_2017_03_27_22_24_05_27_by_thepor...bc92lr.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_22_22_54_by_thepor...bc92uo.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_21_52_17_by_thepor...bc9333.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_21_57_62_by_thepor...bc932p.png]
  • [Image: blender_2017_04_02_22_22_01_36_by_thepor...bc932b.png]
  • [Image: dwm_2017_05_04_21_47_56_97_by_theportugu...bc923s.jpg]


  • Uranus (not happy with it) 
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_29_56_by_thepor...bc919l.jpg]
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_23_57_by_thepor...bc919w.jpg]
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_11_34_by_thepor...bc91a9.jpg]
    [Image: blender_2017_05_12_16_57_39_11_by_thepor...bc9197.jpg]
  • Vinyl Set (I reached the conclusion this paintjob has elements too complex for NFS:SA's current vinyl system and would probably not fit right) 
    [Image: wip1raw_by_theportugueseplayer-dbcbkvv.jpg]
    It's also not possible as a standard GTA paintjob without changing the original texture maps.
    [Image: gta_sa_2017_05_15_18_36_39_78_avi_snapsh...bcbl24.jpg]
    [Image: wip1_by_theportugueseplayer-dbcbkxj.png]
  • Flash
    (Post #34, located at page 4 of this thread.)
  • Primo
  • Clover
  • Stallion

And, well, I'll update the thread everytime I model anything new. I hope you like these!

Offline yokou

Wow, your works are really great, you've definitely got talent! I'd really like to see those uranus & blista bodykits IG, they are just perfect for those cars. Keep going on this way!

Offline BShen-V12

shit mane
you better be in NFSSA team

Offline L1_TRACZ

This bodykits is very good!

Do you have any ideas for an another bodykit for Sultan?

Offline Manik999

We definitely need more exhausts in NFS:SA, there is a lack of them, sometimes i cant find an exhaust fits to my bodykit. These bodykits except that one for uranus (i know its make in progress) are nice too.

Offline MatthewChow

Oh, waw, in a specific way, that feedback is a lot more positive than what I was expecting!
I wasn't expecting people to like Uranus' either...
Thank you!
Mmh... Now, yes, I do like the exhausts too, specially. Harsh honesty here, but I don't find NFSSA's current exhaust tips the most attractive... Although I think the same of actual NFS's, in a different way.
No, I'm not in the NFS:SA team, but that's primarily because of me and not because of them. I never asked to join. It's not that I wouldn't like to, it's just that my current life doesn't leave me much free time to enjoy or work on projects (and I do got quite a few ongoing), so, my productivity would be pretty low, like, a single bodykit per week tops. In addition, I'm still fairly new to 3D modelling, and, I don't know the basics of texturing, and putting the model working in the game yet, meaning, all my work would, mandatorily, have to get finished by someone else, probably Helomyname. For those reasons, I don't think I would be a valuable member of the NFS:SA team, and the least I wanna do is to be there "just hanging".
In the unofficial way it is now, I just deliver whatever I come up with to any developer and then they decide if they wanna use it or not on their own. By all means, I just make these as a hobby.
Ideas for Sultan!... Yes, way too many, however, they are so many I haven't even settled with anything. However, I would love to make the Sultan a station wagon, 98's Subaru Legacy style.
I also had ideas for the ZR-350 (a RX7 Mazdaspeed like bodykit), but I suddenly realized ZR was made differently from the other cars, so it didn't work out.
The idea for Jester, though, is very concrete. AB-Flug S900, it's all I'm gonna say, for the few Midnight Club 2 fans out there.

(11-06-2017, 13:15)Manik999 Wrote: We definitely need more exhausts in NFS:SA, there is a lack of them, sometimes i cant find an exhaust fits to my bodykit. These bodykits except that one for uranus (i know its make in progress) are nice too.

Oh, didn't see you there. Sorry about that.
Yes, that's what I was saying too. Thanks.
Yeah, Uranus needs work, specially that front of it. Gonna change its design when I have time. Basically, when I was modeling it, I had no concrete idea of what I wanted to do, not even a sketch, so I just went random. Gotta try drawing something for it.
[Image: gcujj6m264s79wjzg.jpg]
I told you it was coming!

Offline deadboy

Damn, you are truly better than I thought. And I wish we could see your exhausts ingame tho
also known as: Bones, Hitmane, YungLean, Leandoer

[Image: Zxq.gif]

Offline bartekPL

More parts like new spoilers or exhausts (except remaining tuning update) won't be added at least for a very very long time.

Offline deadboy

[Image: RSUQPWg.png]
also known as: Bones, Hitmane, YungLean, Leandoer

[Image: Zxq.gif]

Offline MatthewChow

That's nice, thanks.
Yeah, Bartek and Helomyname already had told me that before.
I understand, it would be quite a hassle to edit these small parts for each and all cars. Very time consuming.
A bodykit only exists to a single car, a spoiler, for example, has to fit all cars in the server, so, it is much easier to add a random bodykit than parts of this nature.
[Image: gcujj6m264s79wjzg.jpg]
I told you it was coming!

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