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>> NFS:SA Booster <<
New developers wanted!
We are recruiting scripter and 3D modeler!

More info here: https://www.nfssa.com/thread-10798.html

Update 26-27.05.2016

Napisany przez bartekPL, 26-05-2016, 22:45

Update 26-27.05.2016

Offline bartekPL

Update 26-27.05.2016

Crew System

Crew System in first and basic version has been released! You can now create own crew and invite players.
Because crews is what takes a lot of time, we're releasing it in current alpha version so don't worry if you don't see crew wars or anything more advanced - it will be added in future, at least we have base script for it.

Note: Server rules have been updated and added rules for crews!

Added missing A class cars
  • Comet
  • Infernus
  • Cheetah
  • Banshee

New maps
  • [Sprint] BeachFront
  • [Sprint] BeachFront [R]
  • [Sprint] Patrol at Jefferson's
  • [Sprint] Patrol at Jefferson's [R]
  • [Circuit] Dock and Roll
  • [Circuit] Dock and Roll [R]
  • [Circuit] El Quebrados Outskirts
  • [Circuit] El Quebrados Outskirts [R]
  • [Circuit] Terminal Airport
  • [Circuit] Terminal Airport [R]
  • [Circuit] Terminal Loop
  • [Circuit] Terminal Loop [R]
  • [Drift] Airport Track 5
  • [Drift] Airport Track 5 [R]
  • [Drift] Docks Track 4
  • [Drift] Docks Track 4 [R]
  • [Street-X] Airport Track 5
  • [Street-X] Airport Track 5 [R]
  • [Street-X] Docks Track 4
  • [Street-X] Docks Track 4 [R]

Other changes
  • Added Glasshouse
  • Added info about car drivetype in Car Lot
  • Added stats for each car in garage about mileage and races
  • Added crowd sound at the begin of race
  • Disabled car damage - doors shouldn't accidently open anymore
  • Few minor fixes

Offline Mnichu

Nice Big Grin
Maybe it's time to back on server Big Grin

Offline R.Shirayuki

Awesome! Looks like I'll stay up all night for this...! Oh wait, I always do, lol.
[Image: porsche4c558.gif]

Offline Helomyname

Sweet, looking forward to trying the new maps and seeing my glasshouse in place Big Grin

Offline diondwitama24

Nice Update
[Image: a5a3688e96a2d135ad4ca4e85a43b909.gif]
[Image: 8DB5D7587B48768D7B8D27F4B0B71FEC3EC7B26D]

Offline JJ_Judge

I just wanna sing the song from LEGO Movie.
"Everything is awesooome" Big Grin

Offline E1manTas

Damn, nice, looking forward to try everything.
[Image: xluOOu3.png]
[Image: x2F5lCh.png]

Offline [SiKr]HuracaN

Wow amazing update! Thank you so much, dear developers!!! You're awesome!!! NFS:SA forever!
[Image: lamborghini_predstavila_novyj_superkar_huracan.jpg]

Offline PointS

Good Job Smile
[Image: tumblr_n3dtzm94wS1twjdl8o1_500.gif]

Offline ZezitOS

Is it already added, or gonna be added tonight?
If one day speed kills me, don't cry, because I was smiling  Heart
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