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Grand Meet of Tuners - 29.07.2017

Napisany przez deadboy, 20-07-2017, 04:27

Grand Meet of Tuners - 29.07.2017

Offline YoWorstNightmare

Here are some pictures of the meetup with enb etc. Tried to get as many cars as possible in the pics
[Image: YoWorstNightmare.gif] 

Offline deadboy

The event is over. We were very many players. And the lags were insane. - But it was still a lot fun to be gathered together.
There were probably more than 100 players on the parking lots, and much more than MTA could load (64 cars is the limit), some cars that were a few meters further away weren't displayed.

Nexoon and I had a really hard decision about the selection of the top 15 cars that made it into the user-voting. Together we picked about 80 cars that we liked and then we spent a lot of time to sort out the 15 best. We are sorry for those who didn't make it on the list, you still had good looking cars!

Here are the final winners from the last voting:
  • Place 1 - Regtive with 21 votes - (7 days of premium)
  • Place 2 - Szydi# with 16 votes - (5 days of premium)
  • Place 3 - Streak with 13 votes - (3 days of premium)

First Voting: http://i.imgur.com/Ehp3U1D.png - Second Voting: http://i.imgur.com/tuq0HeF.png

Also we have to admit, that this voting method wasn't the best. But we couldn't think of a better one that would also not take too long and stay clean with a nice overview.
Before we will make such an event again, we will discuss together with the whole community and think of a better voting method. (I will create a new topic for that)

Here are some pictures of the map, and parking, which prove that the meeting was insane
[Image: Ir48SIx.png]
[Image: uMxi919.png]
[Image: YtQ6wbq.png]
[Image: l77jZq6.png]
[Image: YAsB5fW.png]

Now please post the pictures or even videos you made from the event into this topic to share the impressions with each other.
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[Image: Zxq.gif]

Offline MatthewChow

Pictures, sure, videos will take long to encode and I was only getting like 12 fps anyway.

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[Image: gcujj6m264s79wjzg.jpg]
I told you it was coming!

Offline LisiastyLis

I already posted few photos in my thread, so check it out here:

[Image: EhBU2S8.jpg]

Offline LeonSkript

When Grand Meet of Tuners v2?
[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

Offline 412

(06-11-2019, 19:46)LeonSkript Wrote: When Grand Meet of Tuners v2?

[Image: 9lmCso7]

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