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Speed of Sound

Napisany przez KomuH, 24-08-2017, 16:39
Speed of Sound

Offline KomuH

Name: Speed of Sound

Author: Komuh


[Image: 230cwBj.png]

Offline Frixo

0:17, could you please make some kind of parking or just place some barriers? Idk where the invisible wall will be there also idk how to cut it well.

btw. You typed there that this is circuit but you named your wideo "-..- - NFS:SA Sprint" ;p
[Image: YRAsFWf.gif]
[Image: gSLaCoZ.gif]

Offline KomuH

Ayy, little mistake, you're right. You can cut a lot there, don't worry.
[Image: 230cwBj.png]

Offline Keav Dev

You used too few objects, just two types.
The empty space must be filled somehow, as you have seen on my maps.
More training KomuH! Smile

Away RaiYou

Very Linear, quite fun.

Offline DonaldG

Nice one KomuH! How do I play this map?

Offline Helomyname

I have to agree with Frixo and Keav Dev, there needs to be something to fill the empty space as the route is pretty unclear when you can cut everything, and it would get confusing. Going to decline it in its current form but feel free to resubmit with fixes Wink

Offline KomuH

I didn't want to make a new thread to not make spam.
I've made some fixes:
[Image: rDB4TVD.jpg]
[Image: i2v0bc7.jpg]
[Image: HF8TErO.jpg]
[Image: IJVlUSJ.jpg]
[Image: 230cwBj.png]

Offline Helomyname

Fixes look good, you can send me the map

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