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Remove Finish URL Daily

Napisany przez Orbacle, 08-09-2017, 22:37
Remove Finish URL Daily

Offline Orbacle

I'd like to suggest to remove/change Finish URL daily task.
Why? Because many players (including me) are busy for whole day due to work/college/school/other stuff and physically cannot go to the event that only occurs every 1 of 6 hours, even if they want to do that.
As for me, I only come home in late evenings so I don't get to participate even in the latest one. Other daily tasks, on the other hand, can be done anytime.
We also could suggest new daily tasks, because old ones are getting slightly boring and easily abused.
Only idea I have right now is to collect 5 money pickups in freeroam.


Offline Madman

Thats a good suggestion. And about new daily tasks: maybe a... get 50k bounty?
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Offline SkillZ

-1 no. you can win url reward and daily reward at the same time.
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Offline Paiint

-1 daily challenges shouldnt be too easy for the reward they give, URL at 8 pm is fairly accessable for 9-5 workers and 2 pm for night shifters.

Offline Allerek

+1 should be deleted, no everyone wants to make URL's Wink
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Offline bartekPL

It's possible to finish this daily task and I don't see any reason to remove it and make everything even more easier af.

Offline KomuH

We could delete drag, pursuit, duels and drift dailies. Because not everyone wants to drive them.
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Away bamers

It is good the daily task is not "Win URL"
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Offline Sardyna153

You dont have to do this daily lmao
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