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New unique car

Napisany przez Dimabas, 17-09-2017, 11:22
New unique car

Offline Dimabas

I think it's good idea to add new unique A (or B) car - gta Vice City banshee (5 and 6 heat pursuit level).
Way to get it - 50kk (or 25kk) bounty in police pursuits.
Cost - 30.000 (if B class); 50.000 (if A class)
Performance is between A and B classes
What do u think about it?

Offline Lube

That is a great idea. I think 25-30kk would be the best and it should be A Class.

Regards, Lube.
[Image: xq7k7osl.png]

Offline MatthewChow

I think they should add Moonbeam as a Freerun distance traveled unlockable.
I so need that car.
[Image: gcujj6m264s79wjzg.jpg]
I told you it was coming!

Offline BShen-V12

nice idea Chow
btw it's "m" not "kk"...

Offline deadboy

(19-09-2017, 14:37)bartekPL Wrote: Also, please do not suggest new cars.

Adding new car takes many days, sometimes even weeks. New cars are totally our internal decisions and we do it only when we feel well enough for it
No suggested car will be added, this is kind of serious thing that has to be rethought very deeply by us and we are keeping it only for ourselves.

We're sorry for that.

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