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Deleting lamp when it gets destroyed

Napisany przez Frixo, 22-09-2017, 13:59
Deleting lamp when it gets destroyed

Offline Frixo

My suggestion is to add script that is deleting lamp and environment items that is destroyed by front's car destroyer because sometimes when im driving circuit im gettong lagged when i hit any environment items like trees lamp or trashcan. ITS anoying when im trying to do top of all time or smth. Idk IF is this possible but it would be nice to see that in futureWink)
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Offline scaftz

For the trees, trashcan and some small collidable barriers i think it will work. Except, the lamposts. The lamposts is not even have collision when it destroyed but it still slows your car down when the anti-lamp system failed to work. Maybe reworking the whole anti-lamp system would be necessary.
An alternative would be change all destroyable objects to have no collisions (if possible). but well, it would look absurd when you go through them. And nobody got enough time to replace all those objects for the whole map

Offline bartekPL

It's not possible to script it. We can't detect and destroy built-in world objects.

Offline Frixo

Mehh, so you can close i think
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