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Starting URL with less than six players

Napisany przez L1_TRACZ, 23-09-2017, 14:43
Starting URL with less than six players

Offline L1_TRACZ

There are very little players who plays URL in max 450 and unlimited level.

So, maybe add in lobby a button "start url now"?

Offline scaftz

i am against it. it would be too easy to get the URL wins achievement if this was implemented. Unless if an "Immediate start" URL doesn't count to achievement then i am okay with it. it's quite irritating to not be able to participate in URL events because there's not enough players or most players already played their URLs.

Offline SkillZ

Just do URL in Saturday and Sunday lol. -1
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Offline bartekPL

URLs are supposed to be races with many players and that's why only team members have access to option to start lobby manually.

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