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Nitro - Dyno

Napisany przez Frixo, 24-09-2017, 12:28
Nitro - Dyno

Offline Frixo

My suggestion is to add ability to manage nitrous power, or lenght. For example, when we have street nitro pack we can change duration of nitro by 50%, or mby 75%, but nitro would have less power than normal, or increase power but with less duration. Ofc if it would be possible my next proposition is to add faster regeneration speed of nitro. For ex., if you changed nitro power you can't change regeneration speed/duration, etc. I some of those propositions are scriptable, like regeneration speed, but idk.
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Offline bartekPL

It is not possible to change nitro power in MTA.

Offline Frixo

But you can add extra acc while nitro is in use.
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Offline bartekPL

No, it's not possible too.
If you mean handling property change then this is not possible due to handbrake bug which can't be avoided.

Offline Frixo

But it is possible to change duration and regeneration time of nitro ?
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Offline deadboy

(24-09-2017, 13:58)Frixo Wrote: But it is possible to change duration and regeneration time of nitro ?

That's getting affected already by the different packages to install, (Street, Race, Pro) it wouldn't make sense to add it in dyno as well.
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Offline Quindo

Yup, nitro won't be changed, moving to archive.
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