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>> NFS:SA Booster <<


Napisany przez Rare, 01-10-2017, 16:12

Offline Rare

Nickname: Rare

Age: 15

English skill (1-10): 8/10

Your stats and experience with NFS:SA: I have 100k RP, 1 day and 20 hours of playing on this server and almost a year playing MTA.

How much free time do you have to moderate server? I have like 2-3 hours per day.

What do you do when someone starts spamming messages on chat?: I am giving him or her a warning, and if he/she doesn't stop i will give mute.

What do you when someone starts insulting other players?: I am giving a mute.

Do you have any experience (if yes, describe): No, i don't have any experience.

Which language channels can you moderate?: Romanian, English.

Why do you want to join moderators team? (at least 100 words): I want to join moderators team because I want, on this server to be a lot of peace between players. I've seen many times that on Romanian channel people are swearing to each other and i want to stop all of this because they think this is funny, but isn't. I like answearing player's questions, making them feel comfortable on this server. I'm very strict with leaving races because it's not fair to other players. It would be a big pleasure to be in the moderators team.

Offline YoWorstNightmare

Theres no Romanian Moderator needed, also you are way too young.
[Image: YoWorstNightmare.gif] 

Offline susis

Like 15 year old kid could get an adults job

Offline Dimabas

Good luck, I think you are not too young Smile

Offline Rare

(02-10-2017, 15:15)Dimabas Wrote: Good luck, I think you are not too young Smile

Thanks man, appreciate that <3.

Offline susis

Don't you think he's not mature enough?

Offline bartekPL


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