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Window stickers!

Napisany przez Skara, 12-10-2017, 21:43
Window stickers!

Offline Skara

Hey! I will be short and accurate!
So.. My idea is from NFS 2015 this is none other than a window stickers. Like a simple vinylshop, just for car windows.
Why? Even more personal to our car, not a simple manufacturer stickers in present vinylshop.
I attach some pictures to what i was thinking.

[Image: OnuroBW.jpg]

[Image: OlIo7aN.jpg]

[Image: bDAlv7p.jpg]

I apologize for the spelling mistakes, but i'm tired!

I do not know what else to write, I'm waiting for your ideas!


Offline bartekPL

Akready suggested many times and already declined many times.

Offline Skara

Allright! I'm not a big forum user so i could not. In that case, ignore it!

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