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Ingame rules

Napisany przez bartekPL, 06-08-2016, 17:58
Ingame rules

Offline bartekPL

At the request of few players here you have ingame server rules you have at the login screen.

This official statement belongs to NFSSA TEAM and may be changed anytime. Please be aware of that.
UPDATE: 13.04.2019

1. General
    a) Behave appropriately. Do not spam, flame, be offensive to other players.
    b) Any inappropriate behavior may cause you being muted, kicked or banned after being warned by the Administration.
    c) Being impolite to other players, abusing (harassing / trolling) may cause you being muted, kicked or banned.
    d) Do not use an inappropriate player name, offensive or advertising, celebrities harassment and other players.
    e) Administration will NEVER ask you for your personal data, or passwords. Please have that in mind.
    f) Every action that leads to obtaining personal data or passwords will cause you being banned.
    g) Be aware that any punishment carried out by the staff online might be changed for the better or the worse.
    h) If you see any rule-breaker you must report him to the staff immediately, providing appropriate evidence.

2. Chat
    a) No disruptive arguments/discussions in chat, such as political, religious, racial or discrimination discussions.
    b) Spamming or flooding may cause you being muted or kicked, after being warned.
    c) Do not advertise anything. If you want to advertise something related to the server, use the forum or the discord server.
    d) In Global Chat ( g ) you can only speak the English language. To speak in your language use only the Language Chat ( u ) or Local Chat ( t ) if the player is nearby.
    e) Usage of any forbidden characters like lennys or shrugs in Global Chat or Language chat is punishable.
    f) The spam of the forbidden characters in Local Chat ( t ) can result in a mute, kick or ban.
    g) Using wrong chat will cause you being muted, kicked or banned.

3. Gameplay
    a) Using any third-party software that gives you any advantage in gameplay is strictly forbidden, and will cause you being banned permamently without any chance of being unbanned.
    b) Exploiting is strictly forbidden, and will result in a ban, if you will not report it. If you found any bug, report it on the forum, the discord server or directly to the staff.
    c) Do not leave races, even if you do not have any chance to win. Wait until the rest of players finish your race, then leave.
    d) People leaving races regularly will be warned, kicked or banned.
    e) Please report any leavers. After finishing the race you can report them, by clicking a button when scoreboard appears.
    f) Publishing screenshots/maps/videos with hidden parts is not allowed and is bannable.

4. Crew
    a) Do not use inappropriate or offensive crew name, such as names that harasses celebrities, or other players.
    b) Crew Logo must be appropriate to crew name. It cannot represent inappropriate symbols, hurt other players etc.
    c) Crews which break rules will be removed without warning.

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