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>> NFS:SA Booster <<


Napisany przez YoWorstNightmare, 22-11-2017, 16:15


Offline YoWorstNightmare

Nickname: ImYoNightmare

Age: 18

English Skill: 8/10

Your stats and experience with NFS:SA: Currently i have 1,047,433 RP and 27 Days, 4 hours playtime. 

How much free time do you have to moderate the server?: I usually have about 2-4 Hours free time per day, where i could use 3 hours for moderating the server.

What do you do when someone starts spamming messages in chat?: I'll give that Player a warning (or a 1 minute mute). If he continues to spam, he'll get a 10 Minute mute and longer.

Do you have any experience? (if yes, describe): I have been Admin and Moderator on several Garry's Mod Servers, and yes, even on Minecraft. I have never gotten demoted for my actions taken as a Staff Member. I've only left such communitys because of lack in interest and Motivation. Since im already about 9 Months into playing this server, theres a small chance of me losing Interest and/or Motivation.

Which language Channels can you moderate?: German and Global. (I can technically moderate Russian Channel aswell, just cannot send messages in it since I am not owning a Kyrillic Keyboard (Basically I can read insults etc.))

Why do you want to join Moderators Team? (atleast 100 words): Since Global Channel isnt getting Moderated by most Moderators, I see myself mostly doing that. Global Channel is a quite Loud and Noisy Channel, with people who dont follow the rules etc. Also I've noticed how players just dont care about rules etc. when theres no Moderator online. Im supporting the server in every way i can. Right now, the only way i can support the server is through simply donating my money and trying to contact bigger German Youtubers. And I want to extend my ways of supporting the server, by simply helping to keep the chat clean of trolls and unwanted behaviours such as players being insultive or rude to other players. (I know that I've had beef with Rei a lot, mostly in Global Channel, but since he's muted now, I dont think any kind of Beef between me and any other Person will ever happen again)
Thank you for reading my Application and I hope to read some Feedback.
Have a sexy day Smile
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Offline Sardyna153

ur gay lol

i think you'll be good mod bruh
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Offline Arunn

Pm me with nudes to activat moderator
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Offline Tsuki

Well i think nightmare is great person to become a moderator Good Luck Nightmare

Offline Rarti

Good luck, but don't race ban me if you get the mod, PLEASE.

Offline Madman

For me he is the best moderator for german chat now. Good luck Big Grin
Running in the 90s![Image: tumblr_m76f8oU0X41r20mtvo1_500.gif]

Offline yokou

Absolute YES. Well known and helpful player with great experience and knowledge.
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Offline Venom

why not my nigga
[Image: oJ6eTtU.gif]

Offline scaftz

He's active and nice person overall, there are times he's not but there's always a valid reason for it. good luck for being a moderator.

Offline Kucky

I recommend this guy! Never met such a friendly person!

[Image: p6zapZA.png]
[Image: uQNR4m6.jpg]

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