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Hello everyone, I'm Birdy

Napisany przez BirdOfSteel, 07-01-2018, 23:25
Hello everyone, I'm Birdy

Offline BirdOfSteel

After some time playing on the Server I decided to create myself an Account to look around and maybe meet some new people. About me: I like gaming, I also like Cars, and the third thing I like games where you can tune your car how you want like in Midnight Club LA rather old game but still awesome. I already played a few months ago in the Server and had fun now I decided to download everything again and it still makes fun only the Grind for money is a bit hard but that's Okay ^^

Thank you for your attention

Offline Danut

Hello, welcome to the server!

Offline MatthewChow

Welcome to the server, Birdo!
I loved beating the crap outta you in SSB, I will love to beat you in cars as well.
Have fun!
[Image: nd5psw834bv4nb6zg.jpg]
They sure grow giant-sized sardines on Uranus.

Offline scaftz

Welcome, see you in game.

Away bamers

ah...i remember you,
for somebody new to server, you sure talk a lot in Global

anw, don't be a douche and enjoy the game.
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Offline ExilethePsycho

Welcome to ricer simulator 2018, na jokes aside welcome and have fun in-game
[Image: nzhhG5U.jpg]

Offline DareDevil42

Welcome, have fun and drive around like a madman. See ya in-game.

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