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Quickrace Suggestions

Napisany przez scaftz, 10-01-2018, 19:14
Quickrace Suggestions

Offline scaftz

I have some suggestion for our Quickrace system since it got some flaws here and there from what i can see. Here it is:

1. New Matching System.
Our current Quickrace Matching system does pretty okay in my opinion, but only on early game scores. After you reach a certain car score (let's say 350< score), it's hard to almost impossible to find a match with that score. My suggestion is to change the current matching system to something similiar with URL matching system.
I will explain a little bit. so everyone who get into the quickrace matching will be put into a single lobby. Similiar like URL's matching system, the system will match maximum of 4 (minimum would be 2) racers on closest car score and probably some calculations of Win Ratio as well, like slower pro cars can be matched with faster newbies.
This way, Higher scored cars can get some opponents to race as well since there are more racers eligible to be matched with. The cons would be there will be some rare chances (or most likely happen if there are not many people are on quickrace lobbies) of very high gap of car score being matched with each other, eg: maxed A class matched with some 400 scored C. But it's better than not having your fast cars anything to race with, thus encouraging people who got faster car to play with their fast cars instead of bullying newbies in their Mananas with their super efficiently tuned low score car.

2. Separated Lobby for Drifts.
Another Thing that is making people not doing Quickrace is that sometimes they got drift races with a car that definitely not suitable for drift, like full handling tuned FWDs. A separated Lobby should do the trick. So there will be 2 options after you clicked on Quickrace on Race menu, it's Regular Race, and Drift Race (feel free to rename it).
Also on drift race, the matching should be different from Regular Race. Score won't be a factor for the matching system, but Drift Win Ratio or RP instead, whichever works better. Why? Drift events are not really score dependant. a Futo beating Elegies are not really something, also that none of A class cars are even capable of being decent on drifts.

3. Anonymous Matching.
There are some people who deliberately cancels from matching just to avoid certain people he don't want to race with or trying so hard to get easy races. Only show how many players connected instead of naming them all and it should be okay i think. It would also be nice to be implemented on URL matching as well in my opinion.

Offline Akamataa

Good Idea i like it!

Additionaly remove Drag from Quick Race
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Offline Rarti

i don't have anything to say, just yes.

Offline MechaNoxia

I'd say a 4th thing, maybe would be to add a little count just under the Quick Race button, with the number of player actually that are in quick race lobby, the dream would be for it to be desplayed as 200-300, 300-400, 400-500, that would maybe push some player to go in, if they see a decent ammount of player within the same range of power of their own car.
But i don't know if it's possible to do that.

Also, maybe if you want to be able to match let's say, 200 with 300 cars, because that's not fair, maybe you could have like let's say, 10% more earning for the slowest car, because of handicap, idk.
We are running in the 90's!
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Offline scaftz

Displaying how many players is on before entering quickrace lobby would be a really nice addition, so that you don't have to join the matching and see yourself being dissapointed with not so many players on, etc. (Also Time Trial countdown below the button too if possible)

Offline Crysios

how long people will have to wait for a drift if have 1mln rp? On this server rly small group with high rp drives drift
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Offline scaftz

It's not mandatory to have a 1M guy vs 1M guy. It only prioritize which player being matched with who only if there's some or many players are available in the lobby. As long as there's at least 2 guy, the match can be found without the matter of RP.

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